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someone winning $200k usd on bitcoin dice in 3 clicks?? insane.

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someone winning $200k usd on bitcoin dice in 3 clicks?? insane.

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someone winning $200k usd on bitcoin dice in 3 clicks?? insane. /r/btc

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Not sure why this wasn't posted before: Olaf Carlson on Eth's crazy gas situation. DeFi choked every Dapp sector out, but Polkadot welcomes them.

For any new guys, Olaf Carlson runs the biggest crypto VC fund, Polychain Capital. He is bullish on Polkadot.
Interviewer - "Let's talk about the fee issue on Ethereum. At the moment a simple trade on Uniswap can cost something like $40 and more complex transactions for yield farming are even more expensive. Do you think Ethereum will scale in time to retain all its market share in DeFi considering that the explosion is already here and already pushing Ethereum's limits?"
Olaf - "In short, I don't think it will be able to scale fast enough. Whether that just slows down the market or whether aspects of the market go to other chains its too early to say. DeFi is very exciting for Ethereum but in a weird way is actually really really bullish in my mind for systems like Polkadot or Dfinity that are from an engineering perspective just candidly far ahead of Ethereum. They don't have the network effects, users, wallet installs, or anything that Ethereum has, but Polkadot is live and working and scalable right now, today. And so I do think we'll see a lot of DeFi migrate from Ethereum to Polkadot in maybe the short term. Long term I'm hopeful that Ethereum can scale and upgrade and change. But that all said, what's much more exciting to me about these new systems launching that have either better scalability features or like Web Assembly or WASM based virtual machine compatibility so you can write programs in many different programming languages all of these sorts of features are exciting not just to narrowly compete in DeFi. It's exciting to me because it will enable new types of applications that simply aren't possible on Ethereum today. Much in the way that Ethereum enabled all sorts of applications that weren't possible on bitcoin. Today we know that what's exciting about Ethereum is not that it narrowly competes with bitcoin's value proposition but rather expanded the scope of what was possible for the entire crypto universe. And we got things like stablecoins, things like lending contracts, ICOs, DeFi. And I think that systems like Polkadot are going to once again expand the universe of what is possible. Its not a zero sum game where its narrowly like which chain is gonna win DeFi. I think that's a very myopic view and it shows a lack of imagination about how many different types of applications these smart contract type structures will affect. So I'm very optimistic about scalability across the entire ecosystem but I'm less confident about the short term timeline of Ethereum. I just think that DeFi is moving way faster - like by over ten times at least - maybe closer to 50 or 100 times faster than Ethereum core protocol development. And I see no reason for that to change. I don't think Ethereum core protocol development has ever been fast and I don't see any reason to think that it will get faster. And DeFi has always been fast and I don't see any reason that it will get slower. So you add that combination of factors and yeah I do think that you will see applications migrating to more scalable chains. [...] I'm having conversations now with teams that have yet to launch on Ethereum that are saying should we launch on Ethereum or should we launch on another chain? Because the fee situation is completely - its really bad - like I don't think... it's not like this is a bump in the road. It is existential for the entire landscape of applications we're talking about. Right now you have to be transacting at least a thousand dollars per transaction for any of this to make sense from a fee perspective. And I would say that's the absolute baseline [...] more realistically you have to be using five or ten thousand dollars to really accept the kind of fees we're talking about. And a lot of people are using five or ten thousand dollars but obviously that's pricing a huge number of people out of this market."
Some examples:
Due to insane gas prices, Trial of the Gods card minting and trading will be deferred until the release of Immutable X
I tried to buy 2 cards, worth $0.24 each. After gas, my transaction is $6.80!
Hi, new player using Metamask to buy a couple dollars worth of cards on the marketplace, but everytime the gas price is something of >$15.
$25 fee to buy a $2 card
$50 transaction fee to roll the dice
Minimum bet is now 3 ether to reduce gas cost as a %
Overall, all the fees came up to about $140. Fees for Coinbase was about $2 and the fee to create the bet was like $130
Some dapps like God's Unchained and Augur are looking into L2 solutions, but those come with massive risks from a company perspective. See the Lightning Network's astounding lack of adoption as the primary example. Other dapps are just calling it quits:
Incorrect Assumption #2: Scalability wouldn’t be a problem This was an explicit assumption in our presentations: usability was more important than scalability, and given that there were so many deployed L2 solutions on the market (like xDai), as soon as scalability became a problem we would all move there. This turned out a deadly assumption: as soon as we had our email sign-in solution ready, gas fees on Ethereum made the whole process unworkable.
Reading between the lines: Even if L2 solutions were perfect today, most (non DeFi) dapps are still dead if they stay on Ethereum. Users need to pay upwards of $20 to enter and exit that L2, and I'm not sure if that's changing anytime soon. Gas fees are just not viable for the vast majority of dapps until Eth 2.0, and the part of Eth 2.0 that brings scalability is not happening until 2023~
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How I Got Paid By 65 Different Beermoney Programs in 2018 [Guide]

How I Got Paid By 65 Different Beermoney Programs in 2018

Hi! Welcome to my guide for everything that paid me in 2018. Before I begin, here are a few details:
Now, let’s get into the good stuff.

1. Quickthoughts - $590

This was my top earner for the year and it only took me up until September to earn this amount. I had to stop because they require a W9 for anything over $600 and I was too lazy to file that. It is pretty similar to a traditional survey router, but I seem to have much better luck with not disqualifying here. I get paid $1 per survey but some people earn $2 per survey based on their demographics. Some people have issues with bans and getting locked out of accounts, so it is not for everyone. Because of this, it is important to cash out the minute you hit the cashout minimum of $10. There are both android and iOS apps but I highly recommend using android if possible because the iOS app pays in iTunes gift cards and the android app pays in Amazon gift cards. Overall, Quickthoughts is great if you are one of the lucky ones without account issues.

2. CrowdTap - $270

This is one of my favorite beermoney programs of all time. You complete a variety of very short polls and questions about consumer goods, food products, and services. The polls pay 1.5 cents each and the short answer questions pay 10 cents each. There are other ways that they ask questions, including longer surveys that are a combination between the polls and questions. All of them are well worth it for the time that they take. Reward options include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Steam, Xbox, and more. You can cash out starting at $5 and I am able to cash out about once a week. Definitely add this one to your routine if you have not yet.

3. Prolific Academic - $197.95

This one is great. Take academic surveys for universities and researchers and get paid in cash. As long as you don’t miss attention checks you won’t get disqualified. Some people get multiple surveys a day and others get only a few a week based on demographics. Many pay at least minimum wage. I could have made a lot more on here if I tried. Universally regarded as one of the most “worth it” survey sites so give it a shot!

4. Pinecone Research - $138 + Ranch Dip and Dog Chews

Pinecone pays a guaranteed $3 for 10-15 min surveys regarding opinions on new products. They also send free samples sometimes! You can cash out for a variety of gift cards or PayPal. I get about 1 survey a week on average. Pinecone is invite only so look for invites to sign up on other GPT sites as sometimes you can find them there. If you get in it is some of the best money you can make with surveys for the time you spend on it.

5. Branded Surveys - $130

Branded Surveys has traditional router surveys. A major perk of using Branded used to be their generous daily login bonus. This has been reduced to 5 cents a day, so it might not be worth using this site for the login bonus alone anymore. They have a very high EngageMe rate at one cent per 3 videos if that’s your thing as well! Payouts start at $10 via Paypal and Amazon.

6. Nicequest - $120

Big fan of this one. Their surveys have guaranteed rewards even if you screen out and can pay up to $2-3 for like 10-15 minutes. Their currency is “shells” and each shell converts to about 7 cents. Installing their meter on your devices adds a guaranteed 5 shells per survey. If you add it to your computer, phone, and tablet you get an extra 15 shells (about a dollar) per survey. I just have it on my computer so I get 5 bonus shells. Cashouts are quick for e-gift cards and they also offer physical items. Saving up for larger gift cards typically gives you better rates.

7. PrizeRebel - $107

PrizeRebel is your typical GPT site with a variety of ways to earn, but it is most well-known for surveys. They pay $0.80 per survey on the YourSurvey router and that is where a majority of my earnings have come. Lots of cashout options starting at $2.

8. YouGov - $100

YouGov is a survey site/app that pays anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per survey. The best part of it is that you never disqualify. I get a couple surveys a week. Most of the surveys are about public policy, politics, or general opinions of companies. You get the best value for your points if you save up for the $100 cash out. They offer the $100 cash out in bank transfer and Amazon. The Amazon gift card option used to be a physical mailed card but now its an e-gift card so that makes it even better! They offer other gift cards but they are for smaller values at worse rates so I would avoid them. Available online, on android, and on iOS.

9. iMoney - $89

Get paid to download apps! The best thing about iMoney is that the apps always credit and you can get credit for apps you have downloaded before. That’s not the case on most paid-to-download apps. Earn 15-30 cents per app and there are 3-4 new apps available each day. They offer Amazon and PayPal but PayPal has a small fee. Added this towards the end of the year and hope to make more next year. Might not be in the app store at the moment? Couldn’t find a link to put in the title.

10. VeryDice - $65

Roll dice, get points, redeem for physical items and e-gift cards. I get the daily spin rolls every day and watch their ads for more rolls. The key to VeryDice is saving up approximately 100 rolls before rolling to have enough to get the daily doubles bonus of $0.30. Worth keeping on your phone even if it’s just for the daily spin rolls. Available on both iOS and Andoid. If you want to enter my ref code at sign up you’ll get 30 free rolls :). It is 1319422.

11. Forthright - $62

Sign up and receive invitations to surveys via email. Don’t do their “partner surveys”, they rarely credit and you can get stuck in an endless loop. Their non-partner surveys are awesome. They pay well for the time spent but they also have one of the best disqualification bonusses I have ever seen. Every three surveys you take, regardless of whether you disqualify or not, you get a $2 bonus. That is $0.66 per survey on top of its base pay regardless of whether you qualify or not. They pay instantly with PayPal, Amazon, or Bitcoin.

12. VolKno - $55

Do you like movies? Then this one’s for you. Watch, rate, and tag movie trailers to earn Amazon gift cards. Each trailer has three stages and after completing all three you will make 23.5 cents per trailer. One thing to keep in mind is that you need a physical verification card sent to a US address in order to activate your account. I completed basically every trailer that was posted over the year, so my earnings are a good estimate of what you can plan on earning.

13. Inbox Dollars - $52.03

A pretty shit GPT site with a high minimum cash out. Not sure how I ever hit the minimum cash out here. Would not recommend.

14. Zap Surveys (Ref for $0.75 bonus) - $52.03

There are three main ways to earn here: a 3 cent daily login bonus, 7 cent location rewards for opening the app when a notification appears, and surveys. If you’re going to do surveys on here do relatively short TapResearch ones. The location rewards alone are why I use this app. The one negative of this app is that the cash out minimum is $25. Definitely worth having on your phone!

15. PointClub - $50

This is a pretty normal survey site. They have a daily login streak bonus that can double the value of your surveys when you reach the max streak which can make a lot of them worth your time. I stopped receiving surveys, so I assume I’m banned? So be careful with this one. Cash out minimums are $25 which is higher than I would like.

16. Survey Monkey Rewards - $49.15

Another one of my favorites. Survey Monkey Rewards is a survey app created by Survey Monkey, a big name in survey development software. Surveys all take under 3-4 minutes and pay either 25 or 35 cents based on length. I almost never disqualify, and you can cash out instantly to Amazon starting at $5. Available on Android and iOS.

17. - $71.31 lets people pay Bitcoin to contact you. I mostly received BTC to sign up for ICOs and airdrops for random tokens. They were aquired by Coinbase so there are changes to the program. They require a LinkedIn to make an account now as well (I think). If you can get into the program still it is pretty great!

18. MyPoints - $45

This is a sister-site to Swagbucks. I have decent success with their surveys so I use it for that. They have some other ways to earn but I don’t use them. If you have the same success with their surveys it might be worth using.

19. MicroWorkers - $44.16

Basically a smaller and sketchier MTurk. Lots of short tasks with decent earning potential but you have to find the right type of tasks for you. I did the click, search tasks for a while. There is PayPal with a $9 minimum but if I remember right they mail you a physical card with a pin before you can cash out to verify your identity. Not for everyone but worth a look.

20. SurveysOnTheGo - $43.30

This one is pretty simple. Get surveys on your phone, and redeem for Amazon, Visa, PayPal, and Starbucks! Surveys range from $0.50-$10. Some are location based and involve in-store activities. The more involved the surveys are, the more they pay. Don’t expect a ton of surveys, but many of them are worth your time. Available on Android and iOS. Minimum cash out is $10.

21. Survey Junkie - $40

This survey site is average at best. I am having less success with them recently because I can’t be bothered to take a 20 minute survey for $0.90. The one benefit of this site is that they have a VERY small disqualification bonus. Some people do have success taking surveys on here and the cash out minimum is $10.

22. E-Poll - $35

Another survey provider with no disqualifications! Woohoo! You receive email notifications when you have a new survey. Surveys pay $0.50-$2 and are usually not too long. They pay via a points system and you get better rates if you save up for the higher rewards. I cash out for Amazon, and they can take a long time to deliver rewards so be patient.

23. MooCash - $33.60

MooCash pays you to download apps and then open them for 3 days once a day. I have gotten paid as much as $2 for a single app download. They don’t always credit super easily so I would only try the better paying ones. You can cash out for BTC, Amazon, PayPal, and more. You can use my ref code (EHNPNC) when you sign up for some free coins. I think it’s only available to the first 20 people.

24. InstaGC - $33

This is a pretty basic and easy to use GPT site. Very low cashout minimums with lots of options. Check out LiveSample and YourSurveys for a good place to start on surveys.

25. PaidViewpoint (Ref) - $32.65

Short surveys with minimum PayPal cashout of $15. There are short surveys to collect demographic information that pay 10 cents. If you qualify for any of the longer surveys they can pay as much as $1.50. Surveys can be sporadic so just check the site once a day. Worth the time it takes to put into it.

26. UserCrowd (UsabilityHub) - $32.40

UsabilityHub, now rebranded to UserCrowd, pays you to give feedback on websites and products. Each task pays anywhere from 10-50 cents and the minimum cash out is $10. UserCrowd is nice because unlike other usability testing sites you don’t need to record your voice or screen. I leave it in a pinned tab on Chrome and get notifications when there is a new task. They can vary in how often you get them. I enjoy this one, give it a shot.

27. OnePulse - $30

This app has very short surveys with guaranteed rewards. You never disqualify or anything like that. I get a notification that I have a new paid survey about once a week. Surveys pay 30 cents to start but as you “level up” they become worth slightly more. Right now mine are worth 34 cents. Cashout is at $5 via PayPal. Available on iOS and Android.

28. Watchback - $30

This is the best sweepstakes app I have used. You get entries into the sweepstakes by watching videos. Each video is an entry. I watch 10 videos a day and usually win either $0.50 or $1 each day. It pays via Perk points so it’s a nice supplement to your Perk routine. If this keeps being so easy to win I should make a lot more with it next year! Available on Android and iOS.

29. Dabbl - $30

I started using Dabbl towards the very end of the year. They offer short brand-sponsored polls and videos that pay anywhere from 5-20 cents. These are super infrequent and cashing out from these alone would take the better part of a year. Where I earn with Dabbl is their non-passive ads. You get paid 1 cent per ad so I run them when I’m doing other things. It adds up. They don’t offer Amazon so I cash out for Target. Cash outs are at $5. iOS and Android.

30. Gravy - $25

This is a pretty fun game show app. To summarize the game, you pick a percentage that you think a product will sell out at, and if you’re within the closest few people to the right percentage you win a decent little chunk of cash. I’ve won once. You can buy discounted products on here as well. Go check it out, it’s pretty addicting. My ref code is “Leeves” if you want to throw some bonus guesses my way :).

31. KinIt - $25

Take short polls and quizzes and get paid 6-25 cents a day. The unfortunate thing about KinIt is that they very rarely have their gift cards in stock. When they have them in stock they have a decent selection. Still worth your time in my opinion. iOS and Android are supported.

32. Life Fun and Everything - $25

This was an invite-only survey panel that gives me a $2 survey once a month. Found it on some GPT site.

33. Panel - $25

Install Panel on your phone and get paid for sharing your location data. They drastically reduced their pay rate recently so I’m not sure it’s worth it anymore. Previously you could expect to make about $25 a year.

34. Perksy (Ref) - $25

Short polls that pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1. I get about one a week. Only downside is that the minimum cash out is $25. Various gift cards (including Amazon) are available. Definitely worth keeping on your phone. I think it’s iOS only at this time.

35. Swagbucks - $25

One of the easiest GPT sites to use. Lots of offer walls and surveys. I don’t make a lot here but basically just do daily search, daily poll, Swago, and SwagIQ. If I wasn’t banned from their surveys for some reason I might make a little more. I use swagbucks from time to time to find easy offers to do. Overall, a decent place to start of you’re experimenting with beermoney for the first time.

36. Survey Mini- $25

This app uses your location data and pays you 10 cents (sometimes more) to fill out a short poll about stores and restaurants that you go to. They recently added e-gift cards instead of physical cards so that makes it a lot more attractive to use! iOS and Android.

37. IBotta - $20

This is one of the better apps that give you rebates on select grocery items as you shop in-store. If you buy a lot of groceries, there is money to be made here. They also have traditional online cashback portals and offers.

38. Streetbees - $19

This app has surveys with a more personal and fun spin. You get paid via PayPal for each task that you finish. There aren’t always tasks available but when there are, they often pay well. I had one for testing an app that paid $9! It’s a nice option for something a little different than traditional surveys.

39. AttaPoll - $15.29

Attapoll is a survey app that sends you more traditional router surveys (many of which are Cint surveys). You might disqualify quite a bit here depending on your demographic so I stick to the short ones. Payouts are via PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. PayPal starts at $3 (nice), ETH at $3.50, and BTC at an insane $100. On both Android and iOS.

40. Smores - $15

Smores is an Android lock screen app that pays a flat $0.10 a day for unlocking your device once. Their non-passive video section pays a cent per 2 videos at the moment so that can be a decent earner as well. Cash out as low as $1 for Amazon and other gift cards. I was pretty inconsistent in my daily unlocks this year and hope to increase my earnings next year.

41. Crowdology - $10.04

Very straight forward. Do surveys, get paid. Some people have success with this type of site, and others disqualify a lot. I would stick to any surveys under 10 minutes in length to avoid wasting your time. Cash out for Amazon or PayPal at $10.

42. Achievement - $10

This app pays you based on your steps. I have it connected to Apple Health. It took me about 9 months to earn $10 and I am pretty active. Android and iOS are both supported. Doesn’t run in the background or drain my battery from what I can tell so it’s very passive and harmless.

43. Gamermine (Ref code for $1 bonus) - $10

This is a GPT site with a few offer walls. They have good EngageMe rates as well as a 5 cent daily bonus as long as you’re making a dollar a week on offers on the site. This is basically the only truly passive income that I have made this year from running EngageMe.

44. Cross Media Panel - $10

This is a program through Google that paid you to let them have an extension on your browser and on your phone. They discontinued most of this program so I am no longer earning from them. Parts of this program still exist but I haven’t looked into it much. Probably just worth skipping over at this point.

45. Lifetap - $10

This app is just a garbage survey router now. It used to have some other short guaranteed-pay surveys. I wouldn’t mess with this anymore.

46. PayTime - $9.99

Paytime lets you earn money for your subscriptions by watching ads and answering a few questions about them. You can only cash out once a month because it is supposed to be used for monthly subscriptions. All they do is send you $9.99 via PayPal or Venmo once you watch 40 ads. The catch with PayTime is that you need to be a student at one of the universities that they support. Check their website for the list. Overall, if you are a student it could be an easy $10 a month. Hope to use this more next year.

47. Ready Games - $9.19

Get paid to play games! There is a new game every 48 hours and the top 20% of scores at the end of the time period get paid. The top player makes $7 and the payout decreases as you go down the ranks. I have won somewhere around $2.50 every game that I have made it into the top 20%. Pays via PayPal when you win. On Android and iOS. You can use share code “lucky-disk-68” if you want to give me some extra lives :).

48. Carepoynt - $7

This is a pretty bad healthy living/rewards site. I think they had a few easy ways to earn, like downloading their app, and that’s how I cashed out. There was a post about it so be looking for opportunities like these on the subreddit. I won’t be using this again.

49. Amazon Shipping History Task - $6

Look for tasks like this that get posted on the subreddit. Got paid to submit some shipping data from Amazon.

50. DailyWin - $6

This used to be a scratch card app with a non-passive video section but it seems to be dead. Move along, nothing to see here.

51. CitizenMe - $5.97

Take short polls. Get instantly paid small amounts of money via Paypal. Pays in GBP so if your currency is USD you get to take advantage of that increase in value. Polls are spotty but worth it due to the instant payout (so no minimum or anything like that). iOS and Android.

52. PollPass - $5.15

Answer polls and get paid! Pays via PayPal at $5. Very simple and fun to use. Just answer the polls whenever they are available and watch the points add up. Added this at the end of the year so hope to expand on this next year.

53. Brand Insights Polling - $5

I honestly have no clue how I got paid by them. I think I took a survey that I found from a Facebook ad or something?

54. CashForApps - $5

Get paid to download apps! They don’t pay the best and sometimes have a hard time crediting but still might be worth a shot. The very best paying apps pay around 30 cents. Some pay pennies. Available on iOS and Android. You can use my invite code “4848a6” and get a few free points.

55. EarnWallet - $5

This was a from a promotion that was posted on beermoney for just downloading EarnWallet. Check out the sub for opportunities for occasional promotional opportunities like this.

56. Shopkick - $5

Scan items, check into stores, and earn cash back for buying certain items. Not a huge earner but can be fun to mess around with when you’re out shopping. Available on iOS and Android.

57. Louder Rewards - $5

This app paid $5 Amazon to download 5 apps and use them for 3 minutes. It was a one time offer so I don’t use it anymore. It’s on iOS and Android.

58. Qmee - $4.68

Install their extension and get paid a few cents for random searches that you make. They also have surveys. I use PayPal to cash out and there aren’t any minimums that that’s cool!

59. Google Opinion Rewards - $4.68

This app sends you occasional very short surveys from Google that pay 10-20 cents. Using Google services and being mobile seems to increase the number of surveys that you get. Some people get a lot, some get less. Worth just having on your phone. The iOS app pays via PayPal and the Android app just give you Google Play credits.

60. College Pulse - $5

This app has polls for college students to take. I think you need a .edu email address? Their rewards kinda suck so I stopped using it but they had an offer to cashout for $5 bitcoin to the Ben bitcoin wallet so I did that. Maybe worth it depending on what reward options they have at the time. Android and iOS.

61. Fetch Ref Code For $2-$5 Bonus: XE2XG - $3

Scan receipts and get paid. I get 2.5 cents per receipt on average. They also have products that you can get rebates on when you buy (sorta like iBotta). They only accept grocery store receipts. A good addition to your receipt scanning routine.

62. Quick Survey - $1.61

See my section on iMoney. Very similar but with less apps available and larger fees.

63. CoinOut - $1.02

This is one of the most straight forward receipt scanning apps. It pays 1-5 cents a receipt (typically 2 cents). Cash out starts at $1 for Amazon or PayPal which is way lower than most receipt apps. Very nice. Hope to earn more with this next year. Has both Android and iOS apps.

64. Indeed Job Spotter - $1

This app pays you $0.50 per sign to submit help wanted signs that you find around your city. I have never actually submitted a sign but got paid $0.10 per sign to verify the validity of other people’s signs. I’ve seen people make pretty decent money on here.

65. 1Q - $0.25

This one seemed cool at first. Take short polls, get paid $0.25 instantly via PayPal. The problem is that I never get polls anymore. Others have had the same experience. You might be able to squeak a few cents out of it. Android and iOS.

TOTAL: $3014.92

Hope this helps you guys out, and if you have any questions let me know! Let me know what I should add to my routine :). Thanks to everyone who contributes to this subreddit because I found many of these programs thanks to you! Have a great 2019!
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Kickstarter Roundup: May 27, 2018 | 38 Ending Soon (including: Skull Tales: Full Sail!) & 47 New This Week (including: 5-Minute Dungeon Expansion)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
ENVYRA: Simultaneous Action Strategy Game You are part of fascinating Vortex of life where players compete for dominance. There are many strategies, but only one winner! (Has currently earned $7,982 of $4,000) 199% 409 $20 05-28 kicktraq
The Adventure Game Society & Tabletop Game Cafe A fellowship devoted to tabletop games, which includes a gaming & events space, café, streaming studio, and original content creation. (Has currently earned $14,263 of $5,000) 285% 70 $204 05-28 kicktraq #cafe
Eflix's Plague Demon Prince Looking for an ascended general to lead your armies of ruin in the material world ? This Plague Demon Prince is yours to summon ! (Has currently earned €1,090 of €500) 218% 34 €32 05-29 kicktraq #minis
Luxor - Forgotten Treasures Luxor and Pioneers as Kickstarter Special (Has currently earned $102,283 of $5,000) 2045% 921 $111 05-29 kicktraq
Cosmic Run: Regeneration A fun space race for 1-4 players from the designer of Biblios, Herbaceous, and other great games. Flat rate shipping - 20 day campaign. (Has currently earned $21,702 of $17,000) 127% 453 $48 05-29 kicktraq #take2
4 Letter Words A quirky fun strategic word-making card game for all ages. (Has currently earned $337 of $500) 67% 10 $34 05-29 kicktraq
Brook City A cooperative board game where 1-4 players take on the roles of heroic cops inspired by classic action movies. (Has currently earned $112,996 of $60,000) 188% 922 $123 05-29 kicktraq
Iconic Mythical Collection RPG Dice Sets by Kraken Dice Layered polyhedral dice for board games & rpg campaigns. Available in 11pc sets, d10, d6, and our 30pc expanded spellbook. (Has currently earned $515,695 of $20,000) 2578% 6734 $77 05-29 kicktraq #dice
The Ultimate Clap Back: Sometimes You Gotta Cuss Sometimes You Gotta Cuss is the first expansion pack for The Ultimate Clap Back. (Has currently earned $7,865 of $8,500) 92% 127 $62 05-30 kicktraq
Wargaming Corridor Set Multi genre Corridor set for wargaming (Has currently earned $9,460 AUD of $3,000 AUD) 315% 37 $256 AUD 05-30 kicktraq #bling
Mozupro Kickstarter 2018, from our table to yours! Bringing board games from our kitchen table to yours! Based in Tucson AZ the goal of Mozupro is Promoting the Fun in Gaming! (Has currently earned $4,582 of $2,000) 229% 58 $79 05-31 kicktraq
Last One Standing: The Battle Royale Board Game Up to 8 players find themselves on an ever-shrinking map where they must shoot, move and loot to be the last one standing. (Has currently earned $21,912 CAD of $24,000 CAD) 91% 384 $57 CAD 05-31 kicktraq
Archives of the Sky: Epic Sci-fi Roleplaying A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals. (Has currently earned $5,816 of $3,500) 166% 273 $21 05-31 kicktraq #rpg
Tabletop Tales A fun and entertaining collection of short stories, themed around tabletop gaming - written by gamers, for gamers. (Has currently earned £1,009 of £1,000) 100% 96 £11 05-31 kicktraq #bling
Sparkle*Kitty Nights a perfectly clean card game for the dirtiest minds (Has currently earned $40,325 of $4,000) 1008% 770 $52 05-31 kicktraq
Dungeon Runners A dungeon building experience that is different every time you play! (Has currently earned $14,078 of $40,000) 35% 221 $64 05-31 kicktraq #take2
Friday Night Legends - high school football board game Friday Night Legends, the board game featuring the greatest Texas high school football teams of all time! You are the coach! (Has currently earned $3,171 of $3,000) 105% 14 $227 05-31 kicktraq
Deluxe Metal Meeples Beautiful metal meeples with gorgeous colour enamel, designed by Daniel Solis. (Has currently earned $19,646 AUD of $5,000 AUD) 392% 269 $73 AUD 05-31 kicktraq #bling
Space Cats Fight Fascism: The Board Game Play as a band of rebel cats trying to stop fascists from seizing control of the galaxy in this cooperative board game! (Has currently earned $32,229 of $20,000) 161% 506 $64 05-31 kicktraq
Tricky Tides Sail your merchant ship between islands, delivering goods to earn the most gold! A game by an award-winning designer for 2-4 players. (Has currently earned $17,568 of $8,500) 206% 566 $31 05-31 kicktraq
Patrol: A Coloring Card Game Secret Kickstarter Patrol: A Coloring Card Game secret prototype kickstarter. One last chance to get the 36 card prototype before it is retired. (Has currently earned $622 of $100) 622% 11 $57 05-31 kicktraq #take2
Bundle: A personalized game company A personalized game company that brings people together for life's most celebrated moments. (Has currently earned $13,415 of $10,000) 134% 131 $102 05-31 kicktraq
Race for President Take the podium at an ice-breaking presidential debate and build relationships and trust as you go. (Has currently earned $2,660 of $2,500) 106% 90 $30 05-31 kicktraq
WHISPER Wave 2 - Mech Miniatures WHISPER: Wave 2, designing the next set of WHISPER mecha / mech miniatures for tabletop wargames and mecha fans. (Has currently earned $3,238 of $2,300) 140% 64 $51 05-31 kicktraq #minis
Kodama Duo: Kindred Spirits An inTREEguing two player version of Kodama: The Tree Spirits! (Has currently earned $31,417 of $10,000) 314% 1054 $30 06-01 kicktraq
Daggers: A Tarot Inspired Tavern Game A two player dueling game of wits and deception — for thieves and nobles alike. (Has currently earned $3,485 of $1,000) 348% 168 $21 06-01 kicktraq
ICE CREAM EMPIRE a Fun Strategic Family Tabletop Board Game! ICE CREAM EMPIRE is a fun family tabletop game that teaches kids and the kid inside us all how to build a business one scoop at a time! (Has currently earned $20,843 of $30,000) 69% 145 $144 06-01 kicktraq
Skull Tales: Full Sail! Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures! (Has currently earned $432,650 of $49,000) 882% 3723 $116 06-01 kicktraq
BFF! – The rpg of girlhood, friendship, and adventure Best Friends Forever is a roleplaying game for 2-6 players of all ages by mother & son design duo: Ross Cowman and Terri Cohlene. (Has currently earned $17,627 of $20,000) 88% 352 $50 06-01 kicktraq #rpg
Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain (Elven Expansion) Collect faction members and dominate the mountain in this fantasy "set collection" strategy card game. Ages 10+ 2-5 players 15-45 min (Has currently earned $365 of $100) 365% 22 $17 06-01 kicktraq #take2
Treasure Mountain Combines worker placement and tile laying to create a unique experience where you can bump other workers off spaces and take the action (Has currently earned $49,673 of $25,000) 198% 640 $78 06-02 kicktraq #take2
Castle von Loghan A unique, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon crawler with deep, original stories, morphing game boards, and diceless combat. (Has currently earned €29,606 of €35,000) 84% 510 €58 06-02 kicktraq
Zoo Break: Chaos. Danger. Heroism. Work together to round up escaping animals in a strategy game full of hidden dangers and zany fun. 2-5 players, ages 8+. (Has currently earned $13,471 of $20,000) 67% 149 $90 06-02 kicktraq
Spin Matcher: Mesmerizing Marine Life Fast-paced memory training board game with STEAM-related content called Spin Matcher. This edition is about "Mesmerizing Marine Life." (Has currently earned $10,496 of $10,000) 104% 39 $269 06-02 kicktraq
Towers of Conquest A Fantasy Tabletop Board Game with strikingly detailed miniatures, intense strategy, resource collecting, and upgradable structures. (Has currently earned $61,304 of $55,000) 111% 361 $170 06-02 kicktraq
Profanity: A Card Game For Smutty People Profanity is a delightfully smutty party game from the creators of Guards Against Insanity. You must be 17+ to back this campaign. (Has currently earned £3,574 of £1,000) 357% 130 £27 06-03 kicktraq
Quiz Quoz A stupidly fun, cleverly crafted trivia board game. For everyone. (Has currently earned £3,758 of £5,500) 68% 139 £27 06-03 kicktraq
Empyreal: Spells & Steam - A Fantasy Railway-Building Game Vie for mystical resources, hire skilled specialists, research new tech, and build railways to industrialize a vast fantasy realm. (Has currently earned $132,512 of $75,000) 176% 1560 $85 06-03 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
ecreature cards This is a card game for phone-a-holics and their facebook friends. Pass judgment, confess your addictions, and LOL without your phone! (Has currently earned $65 AUD of $10,000 AUD) 0% 3 $22 AUD 06-26
1347 - The Black Plague Boardgame We are a community with more than 600.000 followers. We make fun of modernity through historical comparisons, we produce gadget & games (Has currently earned €41,631 of €10,000) 416% 879 €47 06-26
5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again! Expansion Curses! Foiled Again! is the long-awaited expansion to 5-Minute Dungeon, a chaotic, co-operative, real-time card game. (Has currently earned $279,204 CAD of $20,000 CAD) 1396% 6520 $43 CAD 06-05 #expansion base game
AC-Goose Story Only 15 minutes game time, improve emotion relationship and promote companionship. (Has currently earned HK$1,082 of HK$28,000) 3% 5 HK$216 06-23
Assembly: A compact solo or cooperative puzzle card game A light, addictive and challenging puzzle card game with a sci-fi twist. It's compact, fast and eminently replayable. (Has currently earned £3,382 of £6,700) 50% 181 £19 06-21
BATTLE: Superheroes vs. Villains A tabletop card game where the Superheroes are trying to save the world, while the Villains are trying to achieve world domination. (Has currently earned $900 of $5,000) 18% 14 $64 06-21
Bitcon: Lose All Your Money A card game for people that want to experience the rollercoaster-like thrills of investing in Bitcoin without losing everything. (Has currently earned $1,077 AUD of $10,000 AUD) 10% 25 $43 AUD 06-21
Castle Madness - The Stars are Right A Lovecraftian cult-building game for 2-4 players in which you are the Old One. (Has currently earned €1,173 of €15,500) 7% 35 €34 06-20 #take2
CastQuest: A new strategic party game with a touch of magic! A description based party game that lets you magically curse your friends whilst competing to collect the right components to a quest! (Has currently earned £1,564 of £3,500) 44% 50 £31 06-29
Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Help launch the fourth book Fasa Game's Demonworld Miniatures Army series, the Elves. (Has currently earned $392 of $1,000) 39% 6 $65 06-24 #expansion base game
Describe - Expanded! Expanding Describe times three. First, more Describe cards. Second, International availability! Third, more games & activities! (Has currently earned $1,385 of $5,000) 27% 35 $40 06-26 #expansion base game
Don't Let It Die Don't Let It Die is re-playable, strategic cooperative experience where 1-4 players must survive and learn how to start their own fire. (Has currently earned $3,484 of $20,000) 17% 78 $45 06-26
Electromagnate - Royal Green Expansion Pack An expansion that adds the Green Royalty characters and three team play support to the Electromagnate board game. (Has currently earned $235 of $100) 235% 9 $26 06-28 #expansion base game
Evil Overlord: Take over the World within 10 minutes! Gather your army, defeat all who stand before you, and become the Evil Overlord you deserve to be! (Has currently earned $2,892 of $1,000) 289% 151 $19 07-01
Fetch Quest - a deck-building game in the Realms of Pugmire A collaborative card game for all ages where the dogs of Pugmire quest for the treasures of Man. (Has currently earned $14,253 of $6,000) 237% 309 $46 06-21
Galactical dice Space dice (Has currently earned €1,390 of €500) 278% 44 €32 06-13 #dice
GUESS DAT A New Orleans-based Guessing & Drinking Game (Has currently earned $1,096 of $5,000) 21% 10 $110 06-19 #lolwut
Helheim Unbound: Core Rulebook A collaborative storytelling tabletop RPG with easy to learn rules. The GM and players work together in building the setting. (Has currently earned $1,772 of $7,250) 24% 46 $39 06-15 #rpg
Herbaceous Sprouts: A Flavorful Dice Game Unwind while enjoying this beautiful and thoughtful game of collecting seeds, using garden tools, and growing herb and flower sprouts. (Has currently earned $46,861 of $20,000) 234% 882 $53 06-19
Heroes Map A tabletop game for one or more players: find the optimal path to win (Has currently earned €433 of €50) 866% 39 €11 07-14
Hordes of Drug Lords: A Cartel Themed Game Build your own drug empire while competing with others who are trying to relieve you of your duties. (Has currently earned $1 of $6,000) 0% 1 NA 06-25
Itchy Monkey: a Battle of Lice Itchy Monkey: Spawn lice, colonize monkeys and become the real king of the jungle. An easy game to learn, but a hard one to master! (Has currently earned €3,299 of €9,000) 36% 164 €20 06-21
King of the Internet A card game with a simple premise: collect Fake Internet Points and become The King of the Internet. (Has currently earned $557 of $12,000) 4% 28 $20 06-20
Medakor - The Spinning Battling Fidget Game Not just a a toy. A spinning coin that has fidget capabilities. It's like dice & a top. For card game, board game players to enjoy. (Has currently earned $2,632 of $8,000) 32% 57 $46 06-23
MORE Cool Dice Bags! Great quality materials and original designs - choose the one you like best or grab a mix! (Has currently earned $2,157 of $500) 431% 105 $21 06-16 #bling
OFMOS - Be the CEO Play it like your favorite strategy game, or use it as a simulation to make business learning more meaningful and more accessible. (Has currently earned $1,618 of $25,000) 6% 16 $101 07-10
One Last Job: a Heist Card Game A 2-player customizable card game about a heist, where an opportunistic crew works to outmaneuver the shadowy Powers That Be (Has currently earned $5,754 of $40,000) 14% 107 $54 07-01
Panic Mode! A cooperative card game of office politics during Disaster Recovery for up to 8 players (Has currently earned $2,319 of $12,000) 19% 56 $41 06-21
Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks is an area control game on a modular board where the goal is to be the coolest duck at a party. (Has currently earned $12,952 of $14,000) 92% 290 $45 06-22
Patto Cat the visual challenge card game! Even designer may lose! More than 40 Tricky Patterns to challenge your brain & eye. Let's race and see how many fish you can catch! (Has currently earned HK$20,700 of HK$25,000) 82% 62 HK$334 06-19
Pirates of Penryn! Charm & ferocity 'pon Cornish waters (Has currently earned £2,597 of £9,000) 28% 50 £52 06-23 #take3
Roach Party! The Dice Game of Humans vs. Roaches An easy to learn and simple to play dice game where players take the role of tenants facing an unusual roach infestation. (Has currently earned $742 of $3,000) 24% 26 $29 06-17
SENET & ASEB: Ancient Egypt board games. Two mythical games of ancient Egypt. (Has currently earned €8,309 of €4,500) 184% 134 €62 06-22 #take2
Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops Boardgame Run fast, run hard, and beat the competition in this competitive worker-placement game featuring push-your-luck dice-rolling mayhem. (Has currently earned $62,010 of $25,000) 248% 724 $86 06-19
Show What You Know! A game that designed to test your knowledge in a fun and competitive way. With one minute to win it, this game will be a nail biter. (Has currently earned $3 of $5,000) 0% 3 $1 06-21
Skip55 the arithmetic board game Move by jumping over pieces and capturing the first jumped piece. Your score is the sum of the face value of your captured pieces. (Has currently earned ¥117,169 of ¥100,000) 117% 33 ¥3551 06-06
Somnium: Rise of Laputa A newly discovered continent awaits you! Recruit nobility & sabotage rivals to become the ruler of Laputa in this 15 minute game. (Has currently earned $6,638 of $2,500) 265% 325 $20 06-12
Stonehaven Adventurers 2018 28 mm Pewter Miniatures: Heroes from all walks of life for tabletop wargames, dungeon crawling, role-playing games, and hobby painting. (Has currently earned $11,884 of $5,000) 237% 267 $45 06-22 #minis
SUMTASTIC The brand new, classic board game for playing solo or with friends. (Has currently earned £526 of £650) 80% 17 £31 07-08
The Seals of Cthulhu A strategic bidding and bluffing card game, set within a Cthulhian universe, where 2 players battle for the fate of the world. (Has currently earned $7,635 of $5,000) 152% 339 $23 06-19
THE SINGAPOREAN DREAM: A Singaporean Card Game The Singaporean Dream is a humourous & interactive card game that lets you pay, steal and sabo your way to be the perfect Singaporean. (Has currently earned $6,392 of $10,000) 63% 134 $48 06-29
Through Gamer Goggles Season 8 Season 8 of Through Gamer Goggles returns for another year of great gaming coverage, with an improved focus on RPGs and Wargaming. (Has currently earned $181 of $2,000) 9% 12 $15 06-21 #show
Tiny Ninjas - Battle in a Box Transform the game box in this fast-action card & dice game. Play anywhere, play everywhere! (Has currently earned $16,439 CAD of $8,000 CAD) 205% 390 $42 CAD 06-23 #take2
Undead Orc Skeleton Warriors and Cavalry undead orc skeleton warrior and cavalry figures in 28mm (Has currently earned $1,381 of $1,000) 138% 12 $115 07-02 #minis
Yokai Septet A 3 to 4 players trick-taking card game about capturing Yokai, spirits and demons appearing in Japanese folklore. (Has currently earned $4,909 of $5,000) 98% 205 $24 06-21
Z First Impact - English Language Edition An English-language edition of the hit French boardgame, Z First Impact! (Has currently earned $3,782 of $50,000) 7% 49 $77 06-22
Zombie Legacy - a character driven, co-op legacy game An apocalypse survival game for 2-5 players. Explore the city and fight zombies. Find secrets, choose who to trust & create your story. (Has currently earned $6,085 of $20,000) 30% 94 $65 06-19
Looking for more comprehensive Kickstarter gaming information? Check out the meta listings on BGG, explore Kicktraq's data-driven views, or, of course, Kickstater's Tabletop Category.


  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
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  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
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14 months clean and sober

I am great full for every single one of my experiences and for the exact road I took to get here today. Maybe I can enlighten someone by telling my story. Thank you for your time and patience.
I came across a post where a gentleman shared his experience and his road to recovery. It gave me the ambition to do the same. A year or so ago I was attempting to abstain from opiates, putting psychedelics into my body, telling myself that it was for the spiritual properties. I was looking for drugs I had never tried, learning about bitcoin and DarkNet Markets so I could hopefully attempt to obtain better, stronger, “exotic”substances. I was struggling to go into day labor places so I could work and use a days pay to buy bitcoin or some outrageously priced street drug available in the north east part of the United States. Today, things have completely changed.
It’s been a long road. I have a job for the first time in my life. I am 31 years old, and I graduated with honors in 2005. Instead of going to Fresno University on a full ride, I started selling drugs and hanging tough with my gang member friends. I went to prison in 2009 after I went on a crime spree fueled by the overdose death of my fiancé. I did 36 months in a California prison. Upon release I went right back to selling and using. It got so bad that I lived on the streets and chose to shoot as much black as possible. I made my money by panhandling change all day and shooting bags in between each $10 I got. My father kicked me out long ago, and at this point, I had been using drugs everyday, all day, for about 6 years. Heroin for 3. I ended up with Hepatitis C. I stole from people who loved me. I went to jail about 10 more times for parole violations for dirty urine and absconded status (not checking in with my PO). My next one was back to the prison. I moved across the country to where my mother, whom I had never known, lived. Just left everything I had “worked” my entire life to “build” one night. Took 1/4 oz of dope on the Greyhound and 8 days later I ended up here. Almost to Canada. As far away as I could get. Nothing stopped. Nothing changed. I found heroin out here, I was introduced to Suboxone. Started shooting that. I attempted to quit shooting shit and began drinking. Why? Because it’s easier to get. Horrible choice. My mother was a horrible alcoholic so the disease manifested in myself even worse. A year after I got to my new town, I was back in jail fighting an aggravated assault charge which eventually sent me to prison out here for 18 months. Prison twice should have been my rock bottom. Last summer, I went to trial for another aggravated assault in which my plea deal was no less than 8 years. The maximum I could receive was 10 so I thought why not? Funny thing is, I was completely innocent but there were about 10 witnesses against me, somehow. I knew I could win. In all honest, I was scared to death and had no faith in the justice system that had put me away twice before. It was a good legitimate roll of the dice. I went to trial and my charges were dismissed after two days of proceedings. While incarcerated that time, I decided to search for a higher power. (In no way am I about to push God or religion on anyone) I thought, “I spent 10 years doing what I wanted to do, using drugs and wrecking my life, what could it hurt to try and experience some sort of happiness that a large percentage of the population has found?” While learning about Christianity I found my real shining light. Alcoholics Anonymous. Now just like religion, the AA program has a tremendous amount of myths and misunderstandings. (In no way am I trying to push AA on anyone, just telling my story) What I learned is that there is a program, the steps, and when applied to oneself it works wonders. There are steps, and when worked and applied to ones personal life and personality, freed me from my bondage of self. Upon release from the 9 moths of incarceration fighting my case, I immediately went back to using. At this point I had not worked the steps. I was merely introduced to them and then knew they existed. Two prison bids and a trial by jury were not enough to break my resolve. That’s insanity. I went on another run and was arrested 4 months after my trial. I was ready to go to the 30 months I had over my head so I could get out and use drugs at my own pleasure. Until I met a man. He was doing a 5 year bid in the federal prison system for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He came to the county jail to attend some misdemeanor court date. We were “cellys” and he had become “woke” during the 3 years in he had. He got my to realize that I was on a path of never ending recidivism and that drugs would keep me locked in it for eternity unless I made some changes. I decided to try the steps of AA. I hadn’t found exactly what I was hoping for in Christianity but I did gain knowledge and respect for the aspect of it. So once again, what can it hurt to try this AA program? I tried drugs, they didn’t work, they destroyed me and now I need some relief. At least in the end I can say I tried. That was last December. Today I am on State Drug Court. In 3 months I graduate and will be off paper for the first time since I was 22. Life is so much better today. In terms of recovery did AA and the steps. They really work. I’ve made so many real friends whom I trust and respect. Today I actually feel joy and gratitude. Now every aspect of the Alcoholics Anonymous program isn’t perfect. In fact I loath a fair amount of it. I cannot deny though, that the meat and potatoes of the program, the step work, changed my life. Recovery is possible. AA isn’t the only way it can be achieved. Everyone’s road is special and specific to them. Now, I have my own apartment. I have a great job. I have no desire to waste away my days being resentful and intoxicated. It’s honestly a little hard now that Marijuana is legal in my state. But it isn’t impossible. When it comes down to it, I love drugs and being high. It’s fun. I enjoy it. But for me, I cannot function like a productive citizen while doing them. I still love the people (for the most part) and the culture, but I have a definite understanding and respect for the substances themselves.
No matter who you are or what you have been through, there is hope. There is light at the end of the road if it has in fact became dark and frightening. Don’t give up. It’s not over until you say it’s over. The struggle is real, and so is the solution.
Happy Holidays.
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Recommended Crypto Gambling Website (Reviewed)

Hi everyone,
I will be straight forward so that I will give you as much information as you need. I have been an active user for 2 months, the website feels great and you have decent chances to make a profit. For example, on my first day, I managed to make 100€ worth of XLM (Stellar). I started out with 200 XLM and slowly I managed to increase it to 1200 XLM by playing one of their games called "Dice".

The aspects I would stand out about ?

And many others that I might have forgotten to mention...

Would I recommend it?

For sure, I have been trying it for over a month now and It is excellent but also addicting. On top of this, it was my first Crypto gambling website I have tried, and so far, I have nothing bad to point out. The community is extremely active, you have people typing in the chat about all the time (user-friendly interface and extremely simple) and they are useful towards new players.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. Thank you!
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Crypto gambling website review (

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great day!
I will be straight forward so that I will give you as much information as you need. I have been an active user for 2 months, the website feels great and you have decent chances to make a profit. For example, on my first day, I managed to make 100€ worth of XLM (Stellar). I started out with 200 XLM and slowly I managed to increase it to 1200 XLM by playing one of their games called "Dice".

The aspects I would stand out about ?

And many others that I might have forgotten to mention...

Would I recommend it?

For sure, I have been trying it for over a month now and It is excellent but also addicting. On top of this, it was my first Crypto gambling website I have tried, and so far, I have nothing bad to point out. The community is extremely active, you have people typing in the chat about all the time (user-friendly interface and extremely simple) and they are useful towards new players.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. Thank you!
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Crypto gambling website (review)

Hi everyone,
I will be straight forward so that I will give you as much information as you need. I have been an active user for 2 months, the website feels great and you have decent chances to make a profit. For example, on my first day, I managed to make 100€ worth of XLM (Stellar). I started out with 200 XLM and slowly I managed to increase it to 1200 XLM by playing one of their games called "Dice".

The aspects I would stand out about ?

And many others that I might have forgotten to mention...

Would I recommend it?

For sure, I have been trying it for over a month now and It is excellent but also addicting. On top of this, it was my first Crypto gambling website I have tried, and so far, I have nothing bad to point out. The community is extremely active, you have people typing in the chat about all the time (user-friendly interface and extremely simple) and they are useful towards new players.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. Thank you!
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Luke-Jr: "I am not aware of any evidence that /r/Bitcoin engages in censorship." LOL!
Maybe Luke-Jr should come out of his censorship-bubble once in a while, so he can hear what real people are saying in the real world.
Just check out some of these examples of massive, systemic censorship on /bitcoin:
...of snarky remarks:
OMG I just discovered! It shows all the comments that have been deleted in a thread! Now you can see all the comments that theymos has been deleting from /bitcoin!
...of hundreds of comments quietly deleted from a thread about Ross Ulbricht's arrest:
...of a prominent and respected emerging new Bitcoin researcher (who also has a light-hearted side where he occasionally posts funny GIFs):
Dr Peter R. Rizun, managing editor of the first peer-reviewed cryptocurrency journal, is an important Bitcoin researcher. He has also been attacked and censored for months by Core / Blockstream / Theymos. Now, he has now been suspended (from all subreddits) by some Reddit admin(s). Why?
...of serious, imporant new ideas and proposals which may turn out to be be very important for Bitcoin:
RescuedComments - Shocking, concrete evidence of ongoing systematic censorship in /bitcoin: Now you can use to rescue all comments deleted by Theymos (and/or other mods) in their desperate underhanded attempts to distort and suppress free speech in the Bitcoin community
"Maybe the Blockstream guys want to siphon the fees that would be going to the miners."
"We need predictability, not a bunch of overgrow egos telling us we should listen to them."
"The irony is some developers argue that centralized development of ideas of a few is the best way to decentralize."
"It seems a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face. We are concerned that fewer than 6000 nodes is dangerously low for decentralization so we move all our transactions to a network with 30 nodes in order to preserve the 6000 number in the clearing network."
"If adoption increases (which is what a growing tx volume would imply) I suspect the node count will go up with adoption."
"I have a hard time seeing a 40x increase in bitcoin users that doesn't result in some of those new users running nodes."
"Increasing or removing limits does not increase centralization. Keeping 1MB, on the other hand, very likely will."
"Lightning networks and sidechains are their babies. Don't get me wrong, I think that it's amazing technology that allows near infinite scaling, but it should not be forced on us via high costs from artificial scarcity."
"Your ego and will to manage the Bitcoin network could be dangerous." (addressed to nullc aka Greg Maxwell)
"That's exactly why there shouldn't be an artificial limit on the block size, the limit will be determined by the force of free market. Miners will have to dynamically reaching a consensus on what's the most suitable block size that fits the current transaction traffic, as the mining reward halves, miner will be even more incentivized to include more transactions, mass adoption and hyper bitcoinization will soon follow."
"Luke Dashjr is insane and should not be listened to regardless of his position"
Ok that last one was a snarky remark =)
Luke-Jr may be fine being spoon-fed his news pre-screened and pre-filtered by his censoring buddy Theymos, but the rest of us are grownups who want to have real, open, transparent, uncensored debate about what's really going on.
Luke-Jr seems to have a real chip on his shoulder:
  • And he apparently enjoys debating weird issues on other subs, along the lines of the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin:
(I actually have no idea what the above two threads are about, but Luke-Jr apparently does, and he thinks he's making some kind of important "point" with his deluded "arguments" about the Pope being illegitimate or whatever. More power to him - I'm more worried about making sure that Bitcoin succeeds.)
The point being: Luke-Jr seems to have a tendency towards obscurantism and absolutism arguing arcane points of doctrine, so maybe he isn't the best person to be:
  • "deciding" what is and isn't "spam" on the blockchain, or
  • "deciding" which people's comments are or aren't "spam" or "trolling" which his censoring buddy Theymos can arbitrarily delete on Reddit.
All of these examples show a disturbing tendency. He is apparently obsessed with imposing his hair-splitting doctrinaire notions of "legitimacy" on other people - arguing that:
  • certain transactions on the blockchain aren't "legitimate"
  • people's carefully written and well-thought-out ideas and proposals for Bitcoin also aren't "legitimate" - they just "trolling" and "spam"
  • even the Pope himself isn't "legitimate"
Is anyone noticing a pattern here?
Luke-Jr thinks Satoshi dice dust and Starbucks lattes on the blockchain aren't "legitimate", he thinks your comments on Reddit aren't "legitimate" - heck, he even thinks the Pope himself isn't "legitimate".
At some point we have to simply throw up our hands and realize that there's clearly no point in trying to "reason" with someone this delusional.
He'll always be able to justify, in his deluded mind, the twisted notion that kids like Theymos are somehow entitled to simply delete other people's comments. (Plus of course it supposedly helps Luke-Jr, since his comments don't get deleted.)
This is all part of some overall unhealthy deluded tendencies / obsessions on the part of Luke-Jr, who thinks he knows better than everyone else, even though pretty much everyone else thinks he's seriously deluded and we pretty much ignore his crackpot theories.
He knows that the only place he can survive is on censored forums. He's selfish and delusional - thinking that the important thing is that he should be able to run a full node on a 1990s internet connection (even though this would cripple Bitcoin), and that he should be able to decide what is spam on the blockchain (even though this would delete some people's transctions), and that he should be able to speak freely and uncensored (even though censorship makes Bitcoin fragile).
Anyplace else, on a level playing field, where his delusional stark-raving-mad ideas weren't protected by his censoring buddies like Theymos, he'd be laughed into oblivion and totally forgotten by now.
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Betking trying to censor questions about ICO while trying to raise 2000 btc (~$1,100,000). Very concerning. Details inside.

Sorry for the long text, but it is very important to provide full context.
Dean from Betking is refusing to answer my questions in regards to his ICO that is currently being discussed here:
Dean typed this: btw just a heads up, all chazleys posts will be deleted, that includes quotes of him. If you have a specific question he asked that hasn't been answered, even though they all have, ask yourself without quote
Why Dean does not like me, I'm not sure. I was simply trying to get answers for potential investors. He evidently did not like having to answer detailed questions, but was more than happy to accept 1.1 million dollars if people were willing to give it to him.
If you read through the details of this ICO, it is quite evident that Dean has many unanswered questions in regards to details of the ICO that investors deserve to know. I decided to post in that original thread some questions that potential investors such as myself might have, and also pointed out some weak spots in his ICO. A few hours after I posted that, Dean deleted the post. Here was the post:
A very interesting ICO, however the valuation you are putting on the website is ludicrous. You are essentially saying the company is worth the amount of profit earned lifetime, ~7000 bitcoin, which is a bit insane. Dean has been talking about adding sports betting and a casino for a couple years now, and each time they've popped up, they've gotten extremely low traffic and/or they did not function properly. Would this change with better software and better marketing? Yes. However, this also means we have to put our trust as investors into a pie in the sky promise that you have contacts in the industry who can drive the company to another level and finally get a foothold in the bitcoin gambling industry. But I have seen no proof, despite past promises, that this is going to happen. We need more than 'I know a lot of contacts'. We need a portfolio, a well thought out business plan, and more info on these supposed experts you know so we can get a more accurate picture for how you are going to turn investor's money into a casino and marketing machine that actually has a chance at significant market share outside of the Dice market.
You need to lay out exactly what this 2000 bitcoin is going towards.
I think an important question is, why would any contacts or software developer you know want to help build you a casino platform that's worth a damn if you they aren't going to have any equity in the business? Why wouldn't they just build it on their own?
Imagine you walked into Shark Tank and you told Mark Cuban 'I want 1.5 million dollars (2000 btc) for you to invest in 30% of my company. I've shown success in this other market, but this new market I've never been in and I don't know yet exactly what we're going to do, but I know a lot of people in the industry, trust me'. You'd be laughed off the show.
It is also important to note that 1 bitcoin earned 2 years ago is not equal to 1 bitcoin earned today. Back then, the price was about $250, and now its at $750. Even 6 months ago, the price of bitcoin was about 60% of what it is now. A huge chunk of the profit came from those time periods. Bitcoin is at, basically, an all time high. I get the thought process from your perspective, although I think it is misguided. You've tried to sell Betking at least 2 other points in the past year that I can remember, but the problem is almost all of Betking's value stems from the bitcoin community's trust in Dean. The brand and software has very little value in my opinion - that's why no one ever offers anything close to what Dean feels Betking is worth (apparently 7000 btc).
All of this is potentially moot however, because at the end of the day a company is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I seriously doubt this ICO is going to work, considering from what I read in Dean's previous attempt to sell Betking less than a month ago the top bid was 1500 bitcoin for 100% of the company, unless someone offered more and he did not reveal it publicly. How he gets the idea that his top offer was 1500 bitcoin for 100% of the company and in turn starts this ICO 2 weeks later trying to sell 30% for an even larger bitcoin amount than what the top investor offered him for 100% doesn't really make much sense.
Dean's problem in this situation is the only truly valuable commodity in his business is himself as someone who is trusted. That is worth a lot of money. However, all these attempts to sell the whole, or parts, of the company are going to come up short because Dean obviously disagrees with my assessment of the value of his website/software. Dean should eventually just take Betking private and get all the profits himself. It would provide a steady, healthy income for years. Build a new casino/sports betting platform without the investors. Like you said, you are taking in 50% of the profits for a site you believe is worth 5 million dollars and has basically zero operating cost.
A massive problem as well is investors are likely never going to get their investment back+profit, because the only scenario where they do is if Dean decides to sell the company in the future. The problem with that is, Dean is the value of this company. If he doesn't come in the package, no one is paying 7000 bitcoin for this site at the current USD/btc value. Sure, you could sell your shares to other interested buyers, but that will be the only market there is for your shares. You will be relying on dividends to make you money, and this does not have a great outlook if you look at the past few months of wagering on Betking.
The past week, there has been ~670 btc wagered on Betking. That is an expected profit of 6.7 btc/week, or $5,000 per week. $260,000 a year. Or, 19 years to make the $5 million dollars the Dean values his website at.
Also important to look at is how far above EV Betking has been running for Dice. Selling for the actual profit amount is actually quite disingenuous, because Betking could just as easily be at 0 profit as it is at 7000 btc profit. The EV number is the only one that truly matters.
At a much more reasonable ICO price, I would've been very intrigued by investing in Betking/Dean. However, the price is absolutely bonkers.
Regardless, best of luck.
After Dean deleted this post, there was a minor uproar in the thread accusing Dean of using dirty tactics trying to silence some legitimate questions in the form of deleting posts that disagreed with him. Dean decided he would reply to me since he got caught, and he mostly posted vague responses and avoided the most pressing questions. That reply is #127 in his ICO thread.
Next, we had one final back-and-forth:
Dean: I'm wondering if people are a little scared to invest due to the no cap and that if we got too much then your share is low.
Maybe we should have the option that if we raise 4000 you can get a refund, 1st come first server, until funds drop to 3000?
Chazley: The reason people are scared to invest is because you have laid out zero vision on how this is going to work, and because you've put an insanely high valuation on your website.
You may think this is personal Dean but it's really not. I would love to invest in Betking and you if I had the chance, and I did that for a long time as an investor in the site's bankroll.
However, this seems like it was an extremely rushed decision to offer an ICO. Details are incredibly important in these situations and you've laid out none of them. I think a small group of the site's bankroll investors convinced you this was a good idea, and those members bought in quickly. However, if you want to raise 2000 bitcoin instead of 183 for 30% of your company, you need to fully answer the questions raised in my previous post and many others in this thread.
Dean: I laid out the plan in the original post. It's all stuff that has been discussed with the previous bankroll investors for a month or so. The only part of it that doesn't have a well laid out part is the marketing plan. That's just something that needs more time and will depend on funds raised and who we work with. The plan would obviously be totally different if we raised 4000 Bitcoin instead of 2000.
The product and software improvements aren't hard to understand and are obviously things that just generate more income for the site.
I'm still in talks with previous investors via email and in the slack channel who could bring the amount raised up to 1000 before end of first week. There's still 4000 Bitcoin sitting in player funds on BetKing. To me that would seem that some people just need more time to make the decision or they would have withdrew by now.
Chazley: Want to evaluate each of your points one by one, because it is important for investors.
 "I laid out the plan in the original post" 
Ok, let's assume you did even though logic says you missed out some vitally important details. I have some followup questions. What exactly is the plan for the 2000 btc? Is this just you cashing in equity in your site while furthering your edge even more, or do you have a step by step plan on what you are going to do with that 1.1 million dollars that will improve the site?
Who exactly are these so-called contacts? Who's money are you paying them with? How much? Why would they develop a casino that has a potential future as the biggest bitcoin casino without having any equity in it? Are you giving them equity?
 "It's all stuff that has been discussed with the previous bankroll investors for a month or so." 
Why are only previous investors privy to these details? If you only want them to have the details, why come public with this sale? If you are so confident these bankroll investors are going to invest 1000 btc, why not just sell 15% and only sell to them?
 "The only part of it that doesn't have a well laid out part is the marketing plan." 
That is a very worrying sentence if you believe that is honestly true.
 "That's just something that needs more time and will depend on funds raised and who we work with." 
This sentence is important. You admit you need more time. I agree. However, when you bring an ICO public and are asking for 1.1 million dollars, you need to have 95% of it figured out and a great plan to follow moving forward. I'd say you have about 10% of it figured out, and if you don't, you are holding back a lot of important info that you shouldn't be if you are bringing this ICO public.
 "The plan would obviously be totally different if we raised 4000 Bitcoin instead of 2000." 
Why not lay out a plan for both? It may actually increase incentive to invest. I will say though, expecting more than 2000 bitcoin to be raised for this is incredibly ambitious and, in my mind, completely unrealistic. I wouldn't worry about contingency plans and I would focus on what the 2000 btc plan is and release it publicly.
 "The product and software improvements aren't hard to understand and are obviously things that just generate more income for the site." 
I'd disagree that the problem is that they're hard to understand, and would instead say there is no proof there actually are improvements coming besides a blanket promise from you that it is coming... eventually. For any serious investor, that's not enough.
 "There's still 4000 Bitcoin sitting in player funds on BetKing. To me that would seem that some people just need more time to make the decision or they would have withdrew by now." 
That's a huge stretch. Maybe, just like me as a fellow investor, they just haven't checked the site yet to realize you divested their money and went to private funding? I personally didn't receive any communication from you that you were closing down, although it's no big deal.
I want to start this thread so I can speak freely without Dean deleting posts from not just me, but other people who raise legitimate concerns about how this is going to work. I hope that transparency will help everyone.
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Coming back to Cryptocurrency.. Need some advice.

So I used to trade bitcoin when they were $200-300 in price, and never really thought they would go higher back then.
I'm another one of those cases where I look back and realized I should have saved, so you already know the story.
Coming back to bitcoin/crypto now the industry is overloaded with these subpar options that seem to be mostly focused on cashing in on newbie coin users. (Insanely high fees, not being able to transfer until verification etc)
Back in my day you had your wallets and mt gox lol.
So I make a small purchase of bitcoin of about $50 worth and coinbase wants to give me $28 after it is sent to a wallet.
Gdax won't verify my ID, but Coinbase will... no dice there.
Can someone please for the sake of my sanity tell me an exchange / buying method I can use to delve into this again without being raped by fees?
I've got a list of about 30 exchanges, and its almost 2018 I'd like to think I can use a debit card to get my crypto. There is a Bitcoin atm really close to me, if anyone can tell me how good that is..
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I might be the real American Psycho

So I’m just going to leave my life’s story here for everyone. I might need serious help, I’m not sure.
Lately I’ve been having something happen that concerns me where I mutter stuff out of nowhere, like I say things I didn’t mean to say. It never happens when I’m around people, only when I’m alone and I can stop if I catch myself. The stuff I say is usually weird and bad. Some specific stuff: “N-word” (And I’m not racist or anything), “Stupid, idiot. I could kill him.” “I hate him/I hate it.”,”I love you”, “I could I would. I could and I will.“, and (this is actually real) I say stuff like “slice, dice, chop, tear” a lot. There are no conscious streams of thought connecting to these words. I don’t know why I say them.
Another thing that’s been more recent is some particularly violent dreams. One where I basically kept tearing someone’s head off, it regrowing so I could do it again, and screaming at them because they had been trying to push me around. Another time I just kind of shot down a bunch of people who were ninjas or something, but I remember specifically in the dream they were supposed to be “good guys” and I just wanted to kill them. The most disturbing one, which I woke up from immediately because it was so disgusting, was where my youngest brother (Who I love and am proud of to put it out there) slipped on the sidewalk, and when I went to pick him up I asked if he was alright he said “No.” in a very vivid about-to-cry way and I was horrified to see that his entire face was embedded deeply with staples. The dream was so realistic and gory. I immediately started to freak out and tried to help him pull the staples out but then I woke up with one of those really scared “What the fuck was that” feelings. This is a recent thing that is pretty infrequent. And at first it was crazy to me because my first thought was: I’m not violent. I don’t fight people. I don’t want to fight anyone. I don’t want to kill anybody. But I started analyzing myself a bit more and I realized I may have been putting off, basically my whole life, some pretty fucked up stuff that’s happened to me and that I’ve done to other people.
So I guess I’ll start with where I am now and then go backward. Currently I consider myself well-adjusted. I just graduated college with a degree in Finance, I have IT experience in the reserves, and I’m staying with some family in the city (I grew up in a small town) working part time stocking shelves while I look for something full time in finance/IT. I have some good friends, but none who live near me right now and none who I would open up to about this sort of thing. I’ve had one girlfriend a year ago (More on that later.) But other than that I don’t do very good with girls, I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I spend a LOT of time by myself. In college I was the same way. I used to get very lonely, every once in awhile I still do, but for the most part I’m fine with it. I spend a lot of time learning, at least recently. Now that I’m older suddenly I found out I have more ability to concentrate on things and absorb info. Since I’m out of college I have more time to learn whatever I enjoy, so for the first time I feel like I’m some sort of superhuman hopping across Wikipedia pages and tutorials. I like computer science, finance/economics, history, current events, anatomy and physiology, and whatever other subjects I stumble across. Now the unnormal stuff: Up until now I’ve liked to pretend this stuff just isn’t a part of me. I completely ignore it. So I work out a lot, which is something that I feel like really helps my emotional health over all. I work out roughly 2 hours a day 6 days a week, and I’m very proud of how I look and feel now. I started working out in high school because I got picked on and was rejected by girls, so at first it was really hate and envy that motivated me. I don’t necessarily feel that way now, but everytime I workout its still the same: I fantasize about a bonfire, or a party where there is a group of people from high school or college (Never the army, because I actually like people in the reserves and feel like I belong there.) And I take on and fight the biggest douchebag or multiple douchebags from whichever place and I just like stand there in my awesomeness. Sometimes It’s just that, sometimes I’m also rich and I have a “posse” or bodyguards who I don’t need. Sometimes I monologue basically about how I got to where I was and how the things I had overcome. Narcissistic and ridiculous I know. Like I said before, even though this scenario runs through my head at least 2 hours a day six days a week I just pretend like that’s normal. And if I don’t run that sort of fantasy through my head I can’t work out as effectively.
The other thing is sexual. WARNING - NSFW ….. So when I had a girlfriend for a few months I’d have sex and it was fine. Normal sex, the weirdest we’d ever do is tie each other’s hands. She liked being spanked. So that was normal, and for the most part the relationship was normal. But for as long as a I can remember, even in high school, the only way I can orgasm when masturbating is through BDSM porn. Usually pretty intense stuff. I don’t like blood or cuts, but I like seeing physical pain. Usually a woman dominating a man. Over time it’s gotten darker. When I stop I just go about my life and I act normal, but now that I think about it it’s pretty odd to orgasm to the sounds of people screaming in pain. This has become normal for me. So when I at first thought “I don’t want to hurt anybody, what’s going on?” I started to analyze and realize “Oh, yeah. That stuff.”
So how did it get this way? I guess I’ll go back to childhood. I was homeschooled until sixth grade. 5th/6th grade are I think when problems started at home. My dad was a serious alcoholic. He still is but he’s at least mellow. Back then he wasn’t. Some examples: 8th grade summer: This is the only time he ever hit me when I was being kind of shitty because I didn’t want to go dig a fucking ditch to find a leaking pipe. For context: We had all been digging that stupid ditch for days and couldn’t find anything. I knew he didn’t know what he was doing and the pipe probably wasn’t even on that side of the house. We never found that pipe but I wound up digging that ditch again. He was drunk midday, smacked me across the face. I cried and tried to kind of get at him and yelled “I’ll kill you. I hate you” and he just kind of forced me back in the chair and I think he realized he went too far, but he just said “You’re not big enough or strong enough yet.” …fuck that kind of explains a lot. I’m kind of starting to cry while I write this.
Another time he showed up to one of my cross country meets, I think 9th grade, totally drunk out of his mind. Another time he hit my mom and she being an idiot made him drive us to church on a Wednesday night so she could have “couple’s therapy” and her jaw hurt so she claimed she couldn’t drive. He was drunk Mom. He was drunk. We were swerving all over across the road there were cars beeping at us going the wrong way, they were screaming at each other, my little brothers were in front of me crying and I just was in the very back seat trying to meditate or something. I just tried to stay calm. I feel like I was the only one in the car that realized what mortal peril we were in and I guess I was getting ready to die or something. The next morning, like every time something like that happened, we all pretended like it didn’t. Last one: One time he was wasted in the middle of the day. I was just in the bathroom on the toilet. He tried the knob and saw it was locked and a split second later he kicked the door in so hard it flew against the opposite wall so I was just sitting on the toilet freaked out. He just muttered “Oh thought it was locked.” I was shaking. Like what the fuck. I actually did keep a knife under my mattress at one point, to prepare for something crazy like that. Now my relationship with my dad now is pretty mellow, but we never really came to terms with any of that stuff. We act like it never happened. He won’t even admit he did most of it. In my family we do very poorly with emotions. My brothers and I are very close for instance but we can’t say I love you to one another. I have a hard time saying it to anyone but my Mom.
So I went into public school in 6th grade because my dad was first starting to get worse and my mom and him would fight all the time, very loudly, and divorce was on the table (But it never happened…they’ve just slept in a separate room all this time) and my mom felt like she didn’t have the energy to homeschool anymore. So I went into school with absolutely no social skills at all. I was a stand out weirdo and I remember for stuff like gym class I would literally just stand there. I had no confidence. I couldn’t muster whatever it took to try to catch the ball, and I always felt like there was so much pressure to try to impressed the other kids and be good. So they weren’t very impressed by me. I walked around with my arms folded behind my back for some reason. I didn’t really understand the social suicide I was committing. I’d say the next six years were just a really slow stumbling through trying to understand other humans and particularly the kids my age.
In 7th grade my Mom started to just “check out.” Because her mom died who she had had serious unresolved issues with. So she went into a really depressed state for a couple years, and I think that made things harder. In 9th grade there was a girl I became obsessed with. We had been friends awhile, so I let her know I had feelings for her. She had a boyfriend who was VERY important to her at the time. So that whole cliché played out, except for the part where I mercilessly ripped into her via SMS, calling her every name in the book and taunting her, then asked for forgiveness, then did it again, eventually admitted my BDSM fantasies to her even though she really didn’t want to hear it, stalked her, grabbed her butt without her permission, came to her house uninvited only not to be let in, etc.
And I had an unrequited psychotic obsession with her pretty much through all of high school. But for the last two years of high school she had stopped responding to me at all. So I look back on that and I feel pretty terrible. And I know if she wanted to report me to the police she could have ruined my life entirely, but for some reason she never did, so that makes me feel double shitty.
But that didn’t stop me from about eight other counts of butt/boob grabbing, verbal assault, and uncomfortable pressuring of other girls that wanted nothing to do with me. One was a teacher. For whatever reason nobody ever reported me. By tenth grade I had gotten good enough at pretending to be a good kid that everyone seemed to think I was. I guess.
So I never really though anything of any of that until my National Guard active training, where we had SHARP briefings on sexual harassment and stuff. And everyone makes fun of those briefings because we see them so often but they really played on something in the pit of my stomach that told me: “You’ve actually put girls into those positions. You’ve done awful stuff.”
So yeah. After that I went to college. I didn’t really like college anymore than high school. I thought the other people were stupid. I came to study finance because I was passionate about it, I watched college lectures on Corporate Finance in 9th grade ffs, so the other kids there who didn’t seem to know why they were there just didn’t impress me. So I spent a lot of time in my dorm room alone. There were entire weeks where I didn’t speak to anyone. At one point I met a cute girl, we’ll call her Karen. Karen was very sweet, Karen was a passionate libertarian, thinker, and studied economics. I met her at at an economics association meeting. She basically at one point obliterated an argument I was making so I immediately thought “I want here number.” I got it and we hit it off. It was the first time I had a very wholesome reciprocated friendship with a girl. Karen was smart but a little naïve, and came from a good home. I think the song “Uptown Girl” could be her theme song. Unfortunately, a friendship was all it was, because Karen had a boyfriend in her hometown in another state. And he was VERY important to her at the time. But she didn’t have any other friends same as me, so we hung out a lot. Like a lot, a lot. We went on walks, lunch dates, dinner dates, whatever. We really clicked. But then my feelings kept growing for her and it felt like a repeat of high school. She reciprocated some of those feelings, but it was still all about the boy back home. I knew how to control myself better by then but it was rough. I didn’t want to lose this valuable friend but I was also extremely attracted to her, and she kept putting me in that position because she was lonely too.
Eventually the bad thing happened. I decided I was being played for a bitch. I couldn’t accept this insult to my pride. So I figured I’d take what I wanted the way I always had, but this time it wouldn’t be just a cheap thrill. We were in her dorm room and we were talking and I forced myself on her. It started with an attempt at a kiss, she resisted, so I basically just started to force her against me. She resisted lightly but didn’t say anything. But that was it, I couldn’t go through with what I was planning to do. So I let go and we had a really long awkward silence staring at each other across the room. It was weird because this was the first time a girl I tried to do something like this to actually liked me in some way so I could tell it was scary and confusing for her, and it actually was for me too. I think she knew what I almost did. I can’t remember how I left, but later we texted, made up, and pretty shortly after became friends again, and I just went along with it and didn’t try anything again after that. So that was also weird. I still had feelings for her, and I don’t know how it would have turned out but at some point she dropped out of school to go home. She hadn’t told me until the day she was leaving, which was a shock to me. I guess she was embarrassed. So I offered one more long walk and we did, and it was a really good time. I felt like I was being mature, doing everything right for once. And we hugged before she left and she said “I’ll see you” and I just said “You won’t. You’re leaving.” And she had this kind of weird look and so far I’ve never seen her again. I tried texting her once asking if she would want to meet up again sometime, but she cited her boyfriend and said she couldn’t do that. I didn’t reply, just deleted the number immediately and never found her again.
When I had my first real girlfriend it lasted four months, and was a relatively normal relationship, I mean any actual relationship would seem normal relative to my sexually-tense friend zone. I met her in my national guard unit, but she was also a 29 year old stripper with 2 kids. I had frequented strip clubs and wasn’t afraid to date a stripper. Started casual then got more serious. But she turned out to be batshit insane. Compulsive liar…the lies aren’t even worth getting into they were just pointless. Stuff she made up to get attention, and I believed most of them. So she played me like a fiddle and I dumped her when she went on a trip to San Diego without me. Later she tried to claim she was pregnant and just made the whole thing uglier and stupider than it needed to be, but the whole relationship experience was pretty meh in general.
So now I am where I am. I think I covered a lot of the important points. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. I think I’ve just been repressing everything for a very long time, at least since I stopped venting my anger by harassing women. I don’t express emotions usually, everything just rolls off my shoulders for the most part. A few times I just get randomly sad, especially when I’m drunk but it does happen when I’m sober: I’ll just go through fits of crying. Not for any reason. Like, it could be a perfectly normal day and then at night I’ll cry until I fall asleep. It doesn’t happen often, and when it does I just wake up the next morning like it didn’t happen at all. When people reach out to me for empathy I don’t have a response. When my Mom is crying to me about something I feel bad because I want to offer more support but I just feel incapable of it. I wouldn’t call myself “dead inside” because I have plenty of interest in the world around me and I’m not that bad with people anymore, but when it comes to genuine connections I’m pretty lost. I am very alone with my thoughts and feelings most of the time. I have some reddit forums I go to where I like the communities and I feel like a have a strong voice there, but not anywhere in real life. Really all I look forward to though is someday being extremely affluent and powerful, and just kind of rubbing in everyone’s face how great I am. Like some grand revenge on all the people who thought I was just some loser they could push around. If I let go of that fantasy I wouldn’t have much in life to be proud of, or much reason to get up in the morning. I try to learn and grow every day and keep myself focused which sounds really nice, but really it’s just because I have delusions of dominating people with power attained through knowledge. I always think it would be nice to live a modest life with a family, and sometimes I think about meeting a girl I actually like and respect like Karen but I haven’t met another one yet, and I feel pretty inhuman most of the time. Like I’ll have to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else to meet a Karen again, and maybe I’m too far gone to be happy that way. So I don’t think about relationships as much as I used too. I’ve partly given up. I feel completely fine each day, and feel like I’m building towards something, getting better all the time, but for all the wrong reasons. The only period in my life where I started to wake up to the idea that I needed a better philosophy was pretty recently at the tail end of college. So my whole life through the military and different internships I would save roughly 75% of the money I made (I also made a small profit going to college off full merit scholarship + military aid.) So I had, I think about $17,000 after a couple of years of playing the stock market and doing pretty well. I started looking into cryptocurrency and didn’t think too much of Bitcoin but got super into learning about Ethereum which uses the blockchain concept for a decentralized virtual machine, which turns out is kind of a really powerful thing. So in mid 2017 I shifted everything I had into Ethereum plus a couple other crypto platforms I thought had potential. I wound up making over $75,000 in the big crypto bubble. But I only ever cashed out $6000 to reward myself because I genuinely believed (and still do) that what I had invested in has a long way to go still. So, the market crashed and I now have lost all profits with some extra money to boot. My portfolio is only about $10,000 altogether now, not including my IRA which I never count because I wouldn’t touch it. So a few months ago I had gotten very depressed about that whole ordeal, and wasn’t sure what to do. I started meditating and just getting out of my own head more, going for walks without the fantasies. I kind of accepted my own mortality, the fact I might not ever achieve the things I want to, and humbled myself. It worked for a while but it didn’t stick. Now I feel fine about the whole thing, I’ve accepted the volatility of the market and I love keeping up on the new things happening in the field every day. But whether I someday have a really well paying career or start an amazing business or get rich on investments, which are all things I feel are totally possible it doesn’t really answer the question of what the hell I’m supposed to do with my funked up emotional well being. When I came here to write this I felt like I might be in danger of being the next big school shooter, but now I think I might be ok. I just wish I could connect with people IRL and I think maybe all the hate and anger would start to go away.
This brain dump was really therapeutic though.
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Tales from Mobile Repair: A Failure in Planning On Your Part....

Here's another weird-ass customer tale from my mobile/other electronics repair shop.
A middle-aged woman (W) walked in with her son (Son) yesterday around 4:30. I recognized the pair - we'd repaired the charge port on the son's phone several weeks ago. He's a tall, chubby, neckbeardy sort, with kind of a "halfway there" look in his eye.
Now, for context, we open at 10am and close at 7pm. PLENTY of time for most customers to get in, even if they have to drop it off early and pick it up the next day. We also occasionally do small deliveries for nice customers or regulars, as long as it's no more than 10-15 minutes out of our way. We've repaired phones/tablets/laptops for employees in our shopping center and walked the repair back to them after it was completed.
Son comes up, explains that he got his charge port fixed on his Fruit phone, and now he can't hear anything out of the speaker and the headphone jack is malfunctioning. No big deal - new charge port, new loudspeaker. Easy peasy. The only problem is that since it was one of the smaller Fruitphones, it was going to take a bit to replace the charge port (it's easy to fat finger your way into a fuckup if you're going too fast because the phone is so compact). We had a couple of people ahead of him that we were still finishing up.
Drej: So, we'll go ahead and get started on this - should be about an hour.
W: Oh...uhm...can't you get it done a little faster?
Son: Yeah, that should take like ten minutes, right?
Drej: ....How about 45 minutes?
Son: Ugh, yeah, that's not going to work, can't get it done any faster than that?
W: Yes, he has to be at work pretty soon.
Protip: Do not schedule a service to be done 30 minutes before any kind of appointment, shift, important call, meeting, order pickup, or second coming of Jesus Christ. It will not go well for us or for you. If you make us rush, things can break. IT is not magic voodoo. Plan. The fuck. Ahead.
Drej: Unfortunately, 30-45 minutes is really the best I can do. We're a bit backed up at the moment, but we'll get it done as quickly as we can.
They're grumbly, but they agree to that and bugger off to the shop next door. I went ahead and got started on their phone, half because the other phone I was working on wasn't going to be picked up till a bit later, and half because I wanted them done and gone.
Grab parts. Replace charge port. Replace loud speaker. Test phone.
Phone does not turn on.
I grab a new screen and a new battery to see if it was just dead. No dice. Wonderful.
At this point, I enlist the help of Nate, who tries a few more things. Needless to say, the phone still stays dead.
It's been about twenty minutes or so, and W and Son come back in while we're still figuring shit out. I go to greet them, and ask them politely if they could wait about ten more minutes since we were having trouble getting the phone back on.
Son: Is it really going to be that long? I thought it would have been done by now.
To cut out some of the detail, we had other customers come in, so I took care of those while Nate tried some more stuff with Son's phone. Son eventually decides to just head to work, and we told him that we'd try our best to bring the phone back to life. Since he worked close by in the downtown area, we agreed to just send someone out to drop off the phone once we either got it working again or ended up needing to give him a loaner. And by some miracle, Nate got the thing back up and running.
I went ahead and volunteered to go drop off the phone. It was close by, and I got to take the rest of the day off and still get paid for my normal hours. Got downtown, only to find that the parking lot that this kid supposedly worked in/at/near was completely full. It also required me to pay 10 bucks cash to even park there. The parking attendant, who only took off his headphones long enough to tell me to pay, had no clue of the address Son had given me and just said it might be across the street. Struggled out of the busy (and tiny) parking lot, only to find that all of the businesses across the street were definitely closed, as it was about 5:30pm.
My downtown/city driving is....not the greatest. After circling the area for about twenty minutes and finding no sign of where this kid worked or anyone who knew the address, I called up Nate and told him I absolutely couldn't find the place. The number the kid had given us to call wasn't answering. There was some event going on near where my GPS was telling me to go and parking attendants/cops were shooing me away every time I tried to slow down to look. Needless to say, I'd just give him the phone first thing in the morning. Both Nate and our boss said this was totally fine, so I headed home.
Not ten minutes into our weekly skype DND game (it was about 7:30), I get a call from Nate.
Nate: Yeah, sooo....that kid's mom wants me to tell you to meet her somewhere to give her the phone.
Me: Like, right now? It's after hours.
Nate: Yeahhh....she's here telling me to give her your address so she can come pick it up from your apartment.
Me: Uhm, that's gonna be a negatory. We're not gated. And I don't feel too comfortable letting customers know where I live.
And indeed, I can hear a middle aged woman screaming something in the background, as Nate had stepped to the back of the store to make the call.
Nate: It's totally fine, though, I'm kind of doing this just to humor her. I'm just going to tell her you didn't answer.
That was that, so I went back to my game. I texted him a bit later to ask what happened next. Apparently, the woman demanded that he keep calling me and then threatened to look my name up on Yellow Pages or some shit. Never got any call, but I made sure all the doors and windows were locked.
When I opened this morning, the kid's dad, in a very anticlimactic fashion, asked for his son's phone. I handed it off, we traded polite greetings....and just like that, it was over.
Kinda makes me wonder if there was drug money or bitcoins on the damn thing.
TL:DR: Kid makes us rush his phone repair because lack of planning. Phone breaks temporarily requiring more work. We attempt to deliver it, his mother goes batshit insane.
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Thoughts on the current state of Bitcoin from someone who participates in much of the ecosystem [and tipping thread ;) ]

Hey guys,
So this is something I've been looking at for a while now, and kind of seeing some things die and other things be born. Some things are getting easier, and other things getting more difficult. I want to take this time to outline the last few months and how my sentiment is reflected towards the market. I have to say, the market generally matches how my "emotions" playout towards the ecosystem as a whole.
I'll outline just a few short things on both the bearish and the bullish sides of my sentiment, even if things don't effect the overall sentiment much (at least according to most traders and people) I'd like to point them out because I view them as notable.
Some of the not so good things that have been happening:
Anyway, in many respects it feels like a lot of the bitcoin ecosystem is dying, and maybe we should all panic, cry, and shit our pants, but a few things haven't been going badly, and in fact, I'm looking optimistic that the next time a surge of new users enters the market for whatever reason, there will be a much more developed and kind ecosystem to take part of. No one is going to be touting the next 5 second confirmation coin, no more of the ubiquitous "investment" opportunities that await the uninitiated.
Other than my love for bitcoin in general, this is what makes me not panic sell, and what keeps me optimistic about the bitcoin future:
Alright guys, thats my sentiment overview, and I hope it wasn't tl;dr for most of you. But one last thing I want to point out in terms of user growth. We need to break out of our comfort zone. We need to help people get into it. That btctipping dude? He has the right idea, except, it does kinda feel like he's promoting his own website? I dunno? Anyway, Changetip some newbies. Just the other day in the reddit lounge I tipped a guy a coffee, and he then said "Man that was evil, now I have to spend the next hour learning all about bitcoin"... who knows, maybe his sentiment that the media helped paint is one shade lighter now just from a a couple millibit tip. You can do that too, and I'm here to help you get started. I've got some millibits to give away, give me some awesome feedback, criticism or build your own thoughts on this thread. I tip you, then you go pay it forward. Lets do this!!!
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