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Comprehensive List of Betting Websites for Dota 2

This thread is a compilation of the previous thread with this one along with relevant information for those seeking alternatives to just D2Lounge. Not every site is as reliable as Dota2Lounge, use at your own risk.
Betting sites for Items/Keys
Dota2Lounge: By far the biggest and most successful Dota 2 betting site.
Dota2Wage: Alternative to D2L, posts some different matches, do not need to donate to bet, but less bots.
Dota2BestYolo: New site, follows D2L old format.
Gosubet: Allows you to bet rares and keys.
Chinese betting sites:
VPGame: Can bet mythicals, legendaries, but you may not get the items you bet with (they are replaced with items of same rarity). Apparently for BO2s if it's a tie the site takes your items and you don't get returns.
Dota2SP: Essentially Chinese D2L.
Real money betting sites:
Pinnaclesports: By far the most reputable and biggest betting site probably next to bet365. They have a hub for eSports coverage and hosted the Pinnacle Sports Pro-Am cup
Datbet: Has been partnered for a few smaller Dota 2 Tournaments in the past, but recall this thread on /dota2 some months ago. Hosted the WePlay Dota 2 Tournament in 2013 with the Justin Beaver courier and HUD.
Bet365: I always see this site for betting on UFC but it now offers betting for Dota 2.
Egamingbets: Sheever: urn reel moni
Uses Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Cryptocurrencies:
Roshpit: There's a few threads about Roshpit. Here, here, and here. You can bet using BC, or their gold and silver currencies.
Nitrogen Sports: The only information I've read on this is from this comment.
Virtual Betting sites
Nerdbet: Bet 'bread', can redeem for gifts on the website.
joinDOTA: Can bet for no items, just 'cheese' with a monthly leaderboard.
Gosubet: Bet 'branches', has monthly leaderboard and are able to reset branches to 50 if you lose them al.
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