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Doable yes, sad that nowadays men have to consider "average, not ugly" as hot
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Abundance via Cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2011 before I started munching red pills errday, I was looking to loot up. I thought google was the perfect example of clever entrepreneurship and despite the fact I knew jack shit about it, I subbed to programming thinking that most likely something big was going to come out of the computer realm. A couple of months later a little article popped into my feed from there " Google develops new bitcoin wallet ". I had a read of the comments and it was noted that it wasn't google developing the wallet but rather an employee as part of their extra vocational activities. Someone in the comment section mentioned the silk road and I had a little look around trying to find out more about it. I downloaded Tor and found the way to access it and after looking around thought that I'd better give it a crack.
I got my first bitcoin via paypal for <$1 but then paypal cracked down on that channel and because there were no Australian exchanges I had to go some roundabout way of getting myself second life credits and then using an in game exchange for bitcoin. I bought a few more and had a little dabble on SR. It worked and my little sample orders came through. I was super impressed and set about getting more of this magic internet money that had enabled such a cool service. About the same time, it started going through it's first bubble getting as high as $30. It crashed down to $20, then $15, then $10 and at each of those levels I threw a few grand at it that I had sitting in an account from when my granddad died. I was keen to get more but then it started heading lower and I thought "ah I don't actually know shit about this. I think it's a good idea, but this is my first time investing and I could well just end up going out the back door."
They hit $2 a coin but I had no need to sell and just sat on them for a couple of years. Towards the end of 2012, as the first halving of the block reward was approaching, the price started to move again. It got up to around $15 again where I was even, but again I had no need to sell and just sat on them. By April or so they'd gone mental and had reached their then all time high of $270 odd. At the peak they were going up so fast that I went to bed one night and woke up with my stack worth $5k more. I cashed out enough to buy a few oz of gold for my original $4k investment but held the rest.
Throughout this time I'd been consuming all I could about this cool new tech and the associated avenues that had opened up in decentralized/disruptive technologies. I was reading every post in rad_decentralization polycentric_law, seasteading, open source ecology and whatever I could digest to apply to my vision of what I wanted to do with this loot.
A couple of months later I went off on an adventure overseas to go surfing in Mex, some summer festivals and do a snow season in Canada. I was reluctant to spend my coins because they'd now gone down to around $70 or $80 bucks so I'd been going through my savings. After Burning Man I was out of cash. I was supposed to go back to Mexico to hit up the south with some friends but I decided instead to go up to Northern Cali to try find some work on the farms in a town we'd passed through.
I spent my last $200 on a crappy hotel and getting pissed at the bar looking for leads for work. The next day we found a guy who'd give us a start and we headed up to the hills to work for a few months. We had worked for 2 weeks when there was a bit of a hiatus for a few days (which coincided with symbiosis festival), so we went down there to party for a few days.
On the weed farms we'd been hanging with lots of deadhead kids and they'd all been sharing stories of eating heaps of acid and other drugs and I thought it was time I give a big dose a try. I managed to get a hold of some at the festival, tore off 5 tabs and shoved em on my tongue. The guys face kinda dropped and he's like "dude, they're really strong". I had just smoked a masssssive joint and was about halfway through a bottle of captain morgans, so I just kinded "Meh'd" him and laughed. Needless to say, they were indeed quite strong and 6 hrs later I've got some medic knocking on the porta potty asking me if I'm alright. Completely naked, filthy, sticks and leaves and shit all through my beard and hair. I'm like "yeah, i'm ok but do you have my clothes?" She didn't and didn't know where they were but I managed to get a blanket off her and walked outside into the party. At that exact moment my friends happened to be walking past first aid and I heard one of their voices through the darkness. I yelled out to him and the others and they came over and took me with them.
I went back to camp a bit bummed out that i'd gone too hard and ruined the party, but then I could hear the music pumping and actually felt pretty good so I went back out to look for my clothes and shit. I couldn't find them until the next day my jeans turned up in lost and found with my wallet in them. I rolled out of that party that next evening, pretty rattled, no shoes and totally broke again.
Not long after I got back to the farms I heard of the silk road bust and noticed bitcoin had taken another hit. However, in the following days, perhaps due to the shutting down of an unsavoury aspect of the bitcoin ecosystem, the coins went on a surge. By the time I was up in Canada for my working holiday snow season they'd gone as high as $1250 a coin. I cashed a few out to sort myself out for the season. Didn't bother finding a job, bought a pound of weed and just boarded every day.
Through this time, I'd spread a bunch of my stack over some shares denominated in bitcoin and some of those were generating me nice dividends. One in particular which was in a company making mining hardware was doing really well and I put a lot of my coins in there. They took a hit after restructuring their business model to redirect dividends into R&D, which made the price plummet. I doubled down on them but eventually they ended up going out the back door. I lost another 10btc or so to a scam run out of Cyprus that was supposed to be a btc-euro gateway company, but he bailed once the btc price dropped. A few others crashed along the way and then in the mean time I'd spent most of my liquid coins on going back to Oz to visit my girlfriend, returning to canada, then returning back to Oz once that relationship was on the rocks.
I got back to Oz the second time, with only a couple of coins left, they'd dropped down to $400 or so, things didn't work out with her and I just fell into a rut after being on such a high. I talked mum into selling me her old car for a few bitcoin and moved to Melbourne to try something new. Around this time projects like ethereum, ripple, dash, monero were all starting up and since I'd been burned on a few scams and failures, I doubted my ability to discern what was going on and out of fear didn't get involved with any of them.
During the run up of the coins from $15-$1250 I'd been digging into researching all about decentralized/disruptive technologies and had been developing ideas for radical community projects utilizing the benefits of open source technologies and distributed ledgers to greatly increase efficiency, as well as transparency and accountability. When I moved to Melbourne I went to a few bitcoin meetups but just found that they were full of traders and business folk but not many were into the radical side of things. I started knocking around with a few crew from the party scene and began brainstorming some ideas for festival/community development through crypto.
Though at the peak the projects that I'd been ideating had seemed almost tangible, when back in the real world with no money, they became much further away. I couldn't go back to the old way of thinking in the traditional paradigm, but without a bankroll I didn't really know where to start. I still wanted those things, but had no capital and no network. Through my research into crypto I'd discovered the scheme that is the Federal Reserve and the corruption of fiat currency and through that found myself being drawn to conspiracy and becoming addicted to "figuring it all out".
I got a bit of casual work, but I just couldn't bring myself to engage with the system on anything other than my terms. I still dreamed of community development but all my time was spent in the web of lies and paranoia that is the conspiracy realm. From my solid acid trip I'd got enough of a glimpse of the spiritual nature of things that I still manged to hold the light through my foray into the pit, but I became a bit consumed by it all. I had another couple of trips that showed me a look at an interdimensional world but in glimpsing them, I also took on a lot of paranoia that I had to work through. I started seeing bitcoin as the system for the NWO to implement their cashless economy and mark everyone for eternal damnation.
I kind of stayed in this world for nearly a year or so, until I stocked up on DMT from a guy at a festival and got stuck into that as a bit of a practice. What it told me was that all this world is my creation. The abundance I experience comes from a state of mind and similarly the poverty I experience comes from the opposite state of mind. It told me the most important thing I could be doing, is working to cultivate a mentality of abundance. I began cultivating that idea and whenever I was consciously aware of a choice between abundance and scarcity I would endeavour to choose abundance.
A few months later, I ended up falling in love, getting married, meeting a friend who has a project called "abundance" (where he is trying to cultivate the shift in perception on a mass scale), had a kid, took on a massive build/renovation to a warehouse/ started a business. Recently the business has gotten to a point where I actually have a couple of spare bucks again and so I decided to enter back into the world of cryptocurrency to see where it's at. I got 2 bitcoin and thought I'd spread them around on a few of the alt coins to see how they go.
I'm still distrustful of the story behind bitcoins inception and it's role in the overall scheme of things, but I have regained faith in my ability to discern what's going on. In the bundle of cryptos there probably is one that will be the vehicle for the beast to get their subjects, but that's not going to stop me from riding the train to abundance town in the mean time.
I bought a bitcoin and spread it around on a few of the alt coins that I thought looked interesting eth, etc, ltc, pivx and ripple. I think Ripple is set to go bananas. They're currently working with about 150 banks to use ripple to settle international transfers. Apparently they're also in negotiation with the reserve bank of Japan to utilize it. If you're aware that the US economy has been set up to tank, and there's going to be a restructuring of the power to an eastern led financial system, ripple seems like the prime candidate the facilitate that. When they roll out new SDR backed BRICS currency, they're not going to be able to just implement a new standard by coercsion. It's going to be by utilizing existing services that are already being used by a number of people. Ripple is a Silicon Valley start up, and if you know anything about the MIC involvement in SV, you'd know many of the companies from there are simply fronts to enable the implementation of the technology that TPTB are ready to release to us. In the 2-3 weeks that I've had my ripples it's already gone up 100% but I think it could possibly be at $1 (from $0.07 now) within a year if they succeed in taking down SWIFT.
I was talking to my friend with the abundance project about crpyto and how we're going to liberate ourselves from fiat slavery and he saw a number plate on a car in front of him that read XTC 999. I thought I remembered a coin that had the trading abbreviation of XTC so I had a look around on it. There was in fact a coin that had that but when I was reading the thread about it on bitcointalk it appeared that the project had stalled. In the same thread someone mentioned that although it had stalled, if you like the look of the project, you should take a look at IOTA.
I looked it up and what do ya know, it's a super innovative new protocol designed to for intermachine operability in the internet of things. It doesn't run on the blockchain, but rather has a new type of ledger called the tangle which does asynchronous settlement which their developers allow it to scale infinitely as it increases in efficiency as it records more and more transactions. Because the individual making the transaction does the POW at the time of the transaction, it also allows IOTA to run without fees because spamming the network actually assists it by confirming more and more transactions. I did some digging on it and because it's not listed on any exchanges it's a bit harder to come by, but I was super keen to get some so I threw a bitcoin on it over on their trading channel on #slack. In the two weeks that I've had my IOTA it's already increased by another 66% as well.
I don't really know what the point of this post is, but I just wanted to share with you all because I love you and I think that we're approaching a point where the traditional financial system is about the be dismantled and the new one is rolling out. The new one isn't some currency that a bunch of coders in a Russian office have been working on. The Russian coders are working for ethereum, the MIC is working through Ripple in Silicon Valley. Having projects developed in an office is old school. It's way more efficient for TPTB to release some technology to the masses and have them develop their own chains that will enslave them. These companies now are the companies that will service the NWO's cashless economy. I would encourage you to get in and get some while the going it good and then put those earnings towards setting yourself up so that when the day comes that "none shall trade without the mark of the beast", you're living off grid in your open source gifting economy and you don't give a fuck.
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A Guide to buying Bitcoin in Europe

I wrote this guide for someone on personal finance but I thought it might be useful for other people too. The instructions are designed for someone based in the UK but it should be really relevant still for anyone in Europe and probably still helpful for people anywhere. Hopefully it's useful for any of the lurkers who are interested in getting into cryptocurrency but don't understand the process completely.
There are a lot of different instructions and articles but none with simple, clear instructions. So this is my attempt to fix that.
Where should I do it?
Some people like coinbase because they have a simple interface, but the issue is that they have high fees and it's actually not possible to withdraw money from their system to a UK bank account (you can deposit okay, but not withdraw) so that's a big no for me. Kraken is your best option (in my opinion). They are very secure, not very complicated to use, and their SEPA withdrawals to a UK bank account cost only 0.09EUR.
How do I sign up?
Make an account on Kraken, and then go through the tier 1 and tier 2 verification processes (the tab that says "get verified". This is effectively just putting in your real name, address, telephone number etc into the system to comply with UK law. This allows you to them load money onto your account. The confirmation for this should be automated and so shouldn't take long.
How do I load money?
From the UK you can do this by sending money to the Kraken bank account with a SEPA transfer (this is the cheapest option). To do this you go to the "funding" tab, then the "deposit" tab, then the "EUR" tab. Here's a screenshot. You will be paying from your account in GBP but the SEPA transfer automatically converts it to EUR.
You then use the details at the bottom of that page to send the SEPA transfer. You HAVE to put the reference number EXACTLY as it is shown, or they won't be able to connect your SEPA transfer to your account. That reference number (including the word 'Kraken') is important. If you do this wrong you need to contact Kraken Support which may be a slow process.
This transfer may take a few days to go through. It's a day or two for the SEPA transfer plus a day or two for Kraken. Be patient. You will see it has been deposited because (a) you will get an email stating that money was successfully deposited and (b) under "Trade"->"Overview" you will see the amount of EUR you deposited in the overview table.
How do I buy bitcoin with this deposited money?
You change the currency pair that you are looking at to XBT (both this and BTC are the currency codes for Bitcoin) and EUR (as you will be buying with EUR). The currency pair will be "XBT/EUR". Then you go to "Trading" then "New Order" then make sure youre looking at the "Simple" version. The more complex ones are for things like stop orders etc. Here is a screenshot of the process.
Then you chose the EUR quantity option (you can either specify the amount to buy in EUR or in XBT), you put in the amount you want, you check it all carefully, then you click "Buy XTC with EUR". Here is another screenshot.
How do I track my Order?
You can then click through (or manually navigate to) the order summary and see the details for your order. It takes some time to (a) find a seller and (b) have the trade verified by the blockchain. Kraken (I think) requires 6 verifications which may vary in time taken in the 5min-1hr range depending on the traffic on the bicoin network.
If it seems to be taking a while and you want more information, you can also get the order code and track it on other websites, as the blockchain can be read by anybody.
It will be done when your "Overview" page shows no (or less) EUR and a quantity of XBT (bitcoin). You can also see what the final buy/sell price was on the order summary page, by clicking on the 6 character order code and seeing a more indepth page of information. At the bottom on the left is a subtitle called "Execution". This states the final terms of the trade.
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Local bitcoins

So I was browsing LB.
I usually only use it to obtain btc, not to make money. But I noticed something.
I saw a cash deposit price of about 280 usd/xtc (I get Bitcoin). And a paypal my cash offer for about 410 usd/xtc (I get paypal codes.
Am I missing something, or could I just buy a bunch, sell it right back, and immediately make cash?
Like, buy 1 xtc for 280. Sell the same xtc for 410. Did I not just make 130 bucks? That seems unlikely that it's that easy to do.
(Also, for selling btc through buy trades of LB, is escrow implemented? So I can only release the xtc once I get my pay pal cards?)
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[USA-DC][H] Asus P6T Deluxe, Intel core i7 i920, Cooler Master V8 w/8 pipes, (6 sticks) of OCZ 2GB OCZ3G1600LV6GK DDR3 1600, (2 SLI) GTX 260 [W] Venmo Paypal or Amazon

Item Info Price
ASUS P6T Deluxe new bios overclocks great now with the 920 and cooler up to over 4.6 GHz stable $115 shipped
Intel core i7 i920 Used in a minor rig bought new only about a year old $60 shipped
Cooler Master V8 w/8 pipes Works great with the i920 bought it new six months ago to test the i920 rig works great! $30 shipped
all 6, 2 sets of 3 or 6 individual 2B sticks available OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK DDR3 PC3-12800 1600 MHz Gold XTC 6GB Triple Channel Kits I ran through a ton of memory trying to get the P6T to work, Patriot Crucial etc. I was shocked but these are RELIABLE Posting and overclockable 8-8-8-24 Note that the low priced one on amazon is not an 8-8-8-24 timing! (that can be changed in bios) that ACTUALLY WORK. Huge headache to find. Ideally I would sell all of the 6 sticks (12GB of OC capable 1600 speed DDR) The P6T will NOT accept sticks larger than 2GB individually $80 Shipped for all of them Offers for break down
Holy Crap 2 SLI EVGA GTX 260s Holy Crap! Who could pass up a deal this sweet on such amazing graphics! These have been used and overclocked pretty well. I honestly used them for a cheap but effective bitcoin mining machine I will throw them in if you buy the whole shebang or whatever you decide $50 shipped
The whole thing all together! I would prefer to sell it all in one swoop, it is a good PC that can still run games and is great for kids etc. If you want I can include the case but it is a heavy beast and some of the USB ports are messed up. I can also talk about throwing in a monitor $225 OBO Shipped tell me what parts you want or other items
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Checkpoint is a selective scammer.

You could argue my speculation but here is my logic.
I have made 26 purchases from SR. 21 of those have been international, 5 have been domestic. International purchases range from LSD, mdma (crystals and pills), mda, and cocaine. I have only ever had one purchase not arrive.
Of all my international purchases a total of 3 have been from the Netherlands, where customs have supposedly cracked down. These three purchases were:
Dr. Paradise, 10x yellow bitcoin, $46 Chemical Brothers, 10x Domino XTC pill $85 Checkpoint, 50x Domino pill $250
Dr Paradise was received in 8 days, highly recommend that vendor. Chemical Brothers was received in 12 days, and they even warn about US purchases. Both vendors only had decent stealth, nothing special.
I have not received my original checkpoint purchase or the 50% reship in two months.
Fuck you checkpoint.
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Bitcoin - YouTube BTC HEAT Free Bitcoin Bitcoin, Stocks & Bonds - Trillions Of Dollars On The Move Crypto XTC - YouTube

Pink Bitcoin: Other Names: UniqueCode: Unique Lookup Code is an alphanumeric string created by the submitter and included with the sample so anonymously submitted samples can be positively identified as the submitter's sample. 23TON: Marquis: The Marquis Test is a reagent field test conducted by placing a drop of reagent liquid onto a small sample of the material being tested. The chemicals in ... Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Namecoin exchange trading. Bespoke trading platforms. Cutting-Edge Technology. Trade LIVE at https://www.xbtce.com. Research and test your strategies at https://www.xbtce.cc. Cookies help our website function properly. We use cookies to improve and personalise your experience of our services. For details, please visit our privacy policy. To accept cookies ... Diese XTC-Tablette enthält 208.4 mg MDMA. Bei solch hohen Dosen können unter anderem folgende Nebenwirkungen auftreten: „Kiefer mahlen“, Augen- und Nervenzucken, Kopfschmerzen, Übelkeit, Krampfanfälle, Halluzinationen. Es besteht zudem die Gefahr einer lebensbedrohlichen Überhitzung, da die Körpertemperatur ansteigt. Die detaillierten Informationen zu dieser Tablette findest du hier… The Scala (XLA) project, formerly know as Torque (XTC), and Stellite (XTL) prior to that, may have some controversy surrounding it along the way, but we are not going to be talking about that. The project has just released their Scala Mobile Miner v1.0.0 intended for Android smartphone owners to mine XLA on their devices and we just wanted to give it a go and see how it works, but more of that ... While faucets aimed at giving away tokens for developers are nothing new, these usually give away testnet tokens, not real mainnet tokens with an actual market value. Also read: Top 5 Monero Faucets to Start Earning XMR. The Foundation points out, nevertheless, the XTZ faucet was created for testing purposes and that no one “should depend on this faucet’s continued availability.” Tezos ...

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